Things that go BOOM in the night

Imagine this if you will: Torben and I are sitting in the office, quietly minding our own business, it’s about 2 AM Tuesday morning, meaning that we’re probably barely conscious at the time, but still managing to plow through our workload.. A very odd form of multi-tasking, indeed, which you’d have to have tried working nights to understand.. Anyways, we’re sitting there, it’s late, minding our own business when suddenly..

BOOM!! A deep, loud, thundering noise echoes through the office, followed by a shock wave which shakes not only the floor we’re sitting on, but the entire building as well which, as those of you who have been lucky enough to be on the guided tour will know, is not such a small building after all.. “Mommy.. I mean.. Mother of God!!”, cries Torben startled. “The Germans.. They’re here!! Again!!” I reply, after having picked myself off the floor where I landed after my chair spun out of control owing to a combination of the shock wave and my perplexed spastic seizure produced in response to the sound.

“What in the blue fuck was that?” Torben eventually ventured. “I do believe some drunk driver just took the corner of the building?” I offered. “Naw, maybe something crashed down in the warehouse or in storage?” Torben suggested. A lot of suggestions were made, ranging from the before-mentioned somewhat reasonable suggestions over terrorist attacks to the Rapture, until it was eventually decided to examine the situation.

Armed with keycards and a sufficient amount of alarm codes, we did what every gathering of reasonable young males in our situation would do, unlocked as many doors and poked our heads into as many places as we possibly could to figure out what had goned blowed up or falling over.. Without really getting none the wiser. All we really found were a lot of other people looking for the source of the commotion, a surprising number of which seemed to think that WE had something to do with it all or were somehow to blame.. I mean, really? C’mon now!

After searching through the building high and low for a while, we ran into our colleague Christian who was sorta half staggering, half crawling around on account of having a damn hard time staying on his feet as he was a little bit too busy pointing and laughing to properly keep track of his legs.. As such we deducted that he was probably the one to ask about what had just happened.. “Oh, boy, you should have seen it,” his incoherent explanation began, and he then went on to rant and rave for a few minutes interrupted by random fits of laughter, coughing, pointing and more laughing.

What I was able to deduct from his explanation was that one of our inexperienced drivers had been reversing one of our import trailers towards an unloading ramp, right as he makes his final turn and most of the trailer is in his blind spot, one of the tires blow out, causing the explosion and shock wave that rocked the building as well as causing the young gentleman to go from a nice Southern gentleman kinda tan to.. Well, basically resembling one the main characters in those books that my obsessed female friends like to read.. As far as skin color is concerned anyways. I can’t say I blame him, I sat about 200 meters away from the incident and one floor up and I felt the floor move. Had I been in his position, some 10 meters away, I probably wouldn’t stop shaking until well into June either.. No, sir, never a dull moment at our place of work.

Having thusly located the source of the commotion and gotten the full story, we returned to our seats, closing doors and resetting alarms along our way. As we did, Torben turned to me and stated that “I’d better write our supervisor an email and tell her to get the tire changed.” – “You do that,” I said, “and while you’re at it, you might want to ask her for a change of underwear for the poor driver!”

The resulting e-mail read something along the lines of: “Lene, Norway trailer blew a tire. Please make arrangements for new tire to be fitted. Also, please make arrangements for new underwear for truck driver.”

Now, don’t tell me we’re not nice, and don’t tell me we don’t go out of our way to help wherever we can.


2 responses to “Things that go BOOM in the night

  1. Falls over laughing. Haveing been about 20 feet from a transport when a tire blew, I know excatly what your talking about. It knocked me over, or maybe I was startled and fell over *shurgs* and almost peed myself. And the driver got out of the truck and looked at ME like I had done something… standing there holding paperwork. Yeah buddy I did that uhhuhh…. :p

  2. I’m not surprised if it did indeed knock you over, similar things have happened to people I know.. Though, thankfully, not to me yet.. Which is odd considering my usual “luck”.

    I’m also not particularly surprised by the driver’s reaction. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my ten years in the business it is that if something goes wrong, it’s NEVER the driver’s fault.. At least not in the driver’s mind 😛

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