The end of an era

Getting home from work last night was a bit of a somber experience because yesterday marked the end of an era in GLS history. After 14 years on the graveyard shift, my dear colleague Torben had his last night shift last night and will resume working days from Monday onwards.

This caused me to feel a little sad, not only because it means I’ll be flying solo – or at least working solo – from now on, but also because I have a strange feeling that I’ll miss working with the crazy son of a bitch. Granted, the prospect of missing someone who spent most of his last working night sporadically crying out “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte!” (Black Forest Gateau) does seem a little weird. But still the fact remains: we had a lot of crazy, stupid fun together and got along quite well, too.. We were even quite alike in a lot of spooky ways despite the 12-14 year age difference (which, like the war, you’re not supposed to mention!)

So yeah, it’s gonna be interesting to see what will happen from now on. My future at GLS isn’t all too certain at the moment to be honest and working nights.. alone.. isn’t something I’m looking that much forward to. Hopefully I’ll get to circulate somehow and meet new people and take on new tasks.. But regardless of what happens, there are things I’ll miss: I’ll miss sneezing in Polish, I’ll miss rocking out to 80’s tunes, I’ll miss random acts of trying to impress one another with absolutely useless knowledge about 20-40 year old pop culture, I’ll miss making plans for a new world order, dissing random colleagues, senseless bitching about nothing in particular, the candy shop empire we created and our absolutely braindead plans for expansion and new PR measures – though Tina will probably appreciate our NOT having had time to brief her and actively involve her in our plans.. And speaking of Tina, I’ll miss telling her about our new plans and ideas for a better future and watch her giggle and shake her head at our borderline insane ideas and views.. Oh yes, it’s gonna be an interesting few weeks to come. In a sad kinda way, I guess.. But eh, what is there really to do but keep the head held high and make the best of it?

In more positive news, pay day is next week and it should be a good pay day meaning that I should be able to go out and get myself a new laptop some time next week.. Meaning that I won’t have to put up with this wreck for much longer.. Which also means I should be able to update this blog more often.. Because quite honestly, two updates a week isn’t enough, not for you readers neither for my desire to rant about anything or nothing.. But the way things are right now, doing updates isn’t the most entertaining thing in the world what with working on a crappy keyboard and a mouse that sometimes only wants to do right clicks (even when clicking the left button) in a really uncomfortable position in front of a partially broken computer.. But y’know, the things I go through for you gals and guys..

So, yeah, I’m looking forward to that, and I hope you are as well.. There certainly are a lot of things that need to be related, so keep checking back and I’ll keep trying to at least keep you partially updated till my new mobile office arrives.


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