In the immortal words of Monty Python: I’m not dead!

I’m just super busy and slightly impaired in the whole living department.. Despite having had more time off than I have in ages, what with being off work for two Fridays in a row owing to some vacation and a public holiday, I kinda feel like I’ve been busier than usual.. Not really sure how that works. I guess it has to do with spending the days not taken off to work extra hours to make up for lost wages and spending the days that I did have off chasing around all over the country, socializing, partying and getting my rock on. This past week alone, I’ve worked some 30 hours, spent Friday at a 2 x 30 years birthday bash down south, spent Saturday recovering (in my own special way) as well as booze hunting for Rock Am Ring and then Sunday hanging out with cute blondes and small dogs as well as having an Italian themed dinner and watching the Godfather with Tina.

Seeing no reason to slow down, my body decided that I should make do with about three hours of sleep tonight.. Y’know, just to be in shape for my new long shifts caused by my now working solo in the office at GLS.. Which I think I’ve already bitched about quite a lot already, so let’s leave it at that.. Or let’s just say that the extra hours aren’t actually that bad, aside from the fact that they take more hours out of the day. I’ve figured out that at my current pace I’ll round up at least an extra five hours a week which translates into an extra DKK 500 a week after taxes, or in other words, quite a lot of money over the course of a month.. Money that just might come in handy and/or provide a little extra luxury. Which is a good thing because the way I see it, if I’m forced to work evenings and nights, I might as well round up a few extra hours and some perks in the form of a little extra luxury to spend on those suffering the most under these harsh conditions – that is mainly myself and my lovely, little sidekick.. Who now seems to have decided that it wouldn’t be an entirely bad thing if our gourmet dinners were to become a reoccurring tradition. Something I happen to agree with and another good reason why working longer shifts doesn’t seem all that bad of an idea.. On any other day than one like today where I kick off my working night by making a few odd twists and turns of my head, eventually causing a huge snap in my neck as well as a lot of pain and a distinct lack of the ability to turn my head to the left which, believe it or not, leaves you feeling quite crippled during a six hour shift.

In short: I’m doing great aside from being hellishly busy, a little stressed out, somewhat lonely at work, and in a considerably amount of pain. I’m also suddenly making a lot more money and am hoping that my neck will be a lot better tomorrow and that by Thursday, I’ll be able to go buy myself a new laptop.

Last but certainly not least, and perhaps most importantly: today is Tina’s 27th birthday, so happy birthday, baby doll, I hope it’s a good one and I’m very much looking forward to celebrating (and catering for) it on Saturday! 🙂


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