… is an exclamation I like to make when I’m running around all stressed like trying to keep up with everything. Which is kinda what I feel like I’m doing right now.. It’s been a busy week to say the least. First off, I totally forgot how demanding working full time really is which is, more or less, what I’ve been doing this week since Torben left me and I’m now on my own, trying to take care of everything as well as finding new responsibilities and things to do in order to justify my staying with the company rather than getting laid off in a few weeks on account of having nothing to do.. That is if my responsibilities disappear as they’re rumored to do.

It’s funny really, I’m used to working about 25 hours a week, so you wouldn’t think that the extra ten odd hours made much of a difference, but they really do. I feel a lot more accomplished, but I also feel a lot more tired than usual. I sleep more and I have a harder time getting into gear during the day. Which is pretty bad timing on my behalf because even outside of work, I’ve had a pretty busy week. There’s the job hunting which hasn’t amounted to much because in the words of the Boss “lately there ain’t been much work on account of the economy” – but I still gotta check postings and what not.

I’ve also been busy shopping and planning because I’m not only attending, but also catering for Tina and Christian’s bday party this Saturday. Something I’m really looking forward to but also something that’s causing me a bit of running around and cooking about.

Last, but not least, speaking of Tina’s birthday, I’m not even going to go into details about the hardships and troubles I’ve had finding the perfect present for this lovely young lady. Not so much because it’s not a fucking awesome story – it is! But mainly because she’s probably THE single biggest fan of this blog and going into details on here would only spoil the surprise of handing her what I firmly believe to be the best birthday present. All I will say is that for that all I was really trying to do was to buy Tina a small, inexpensive but meaningful present in the DKK 40 area (yeah, go ahead and call me cheap, how many of you have fed your friends lobster, truffles and Caviar lately?).. And somehow, in true Johan fashion, my attempts spun horribly out of control into a two week grueling ordeal featuring international orders, shipments getting lost around the world, negotiations and business correspondence with two major international companies.. An ordeal which only just this morning, after two days of e-mailing back and forth, was resolved and resulted in a multi-million dollar grossing, multi-national company which shall for now remain unnamed bowed down and begged forgiveness from a tiny Danish blonde over an order worth fuck all to them compared to their usual order sizes.. But much more on that later.. Suffice to say, it took some time out of my schedule as well.

What else? Eh, well, there’s been some sleeping going on, some planning for Rock Am Ring which is now only four weeks ago (and attendees are starting to get more than a little excited, I might add), a new laptop is in the process of being ordered (color me excited once again), and, really, that’s about it.. Sadly I still only have 24 hours in the day. Course the good thing about having little time and having messed up the computer is that there are still a lot of epic stories on hand that need retelling, so even if I keep running around like this for a few weeks, not experiencing much, I’ll still have great content to last me a while.. Smart, that!


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