I’m still here..

Wow, it feels like every other week I do a post about not being able to understand how increasingly busy my life is getting and how it keeps me from posting at the pace and intervals that I’d like.. It also seem that every other week I tell myself that it can’t possibly get any worse, and then.. Well, then it does.. So once again, loyal fans and followers.. I’m sorry, I have a lot of stuff that I want to get off my chest and some pretty crazy stories to tell.. And I will do just that, whenever I find myself having some time at home that’s not spent either sleeping, eating or showering.

Work was crazy busy last week, on top of that I had some important meetings to attend, some good weather to enjoy and a little friend to spare some attention. The weekend I’ve spent in voluntary internet isolation  with my family in Nyborg and now I’m back home for a brief rest before an extremely important meeting tomorrow which really demands my attention. So, rest now, then meeting.. Then all shall be revealed. If I have time before getting back to work, that is..

Argh! Me? Busy? Nooo..


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