Today is Dio Appreciation Day

So without much further ado, here is one of my personal favorites of his songs: Rainbow In The Dark off his Holy Diver album released 27 years ago in this very date and hailed by many as one of the absolute classic albums in heavy metal history.

Rest in Peace, Ronnie James Dio.. Gone but never forgotten..


3 responses to “Today is Dio Appreciation Day

  1. Amen… Dragged some Dio cds to work today in the spirit of the Appreciation day.
    My fave must be Last in Line… Egypt (The Chains are on) \m/

  2. *Really* solid album, that one, too.. Funnily enough, Dio’s best of album is pretty much made up of half of Diver and half of Line with a song or two from Sacred Heart thrown in, so I guess both are popular choices for favorite album 😉

  3. If I had a quarter for every time I came here… Amazing read.

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