I has a new job

You may have noticed that I haven’t been too good at keeping the blog updated lately. The reasons have been many as stated in a previous post, but one of the main reasons is that I’ve been quite occupied landing myself a new job.

It’s sorta funny, really, I must be one of the selected few who has been laid off by the same employer three times in a row with no major changes coming from the act of getting laid off other than me being re-hired under considerably better conditions. First time I was laid off from GLS, I went from working the floor to getting re-hired working part time in the office, the second time I got laid off I went from working a couple of nights a week to working every night of the week to eventually working almost full time.

This time around, they seemingly meant business with their laidoff’edness and hit me with a DKK 5,000 leaving bonus an a promise from my boss that since she’d laid me off and re-hired me so many times there were no way in hell she’d put me and the company through that again, so this was the end for her and if I were to ever be back under her authority, it’d be as a temp through a temp agency.. Understandable, really, it probably doesn’t look to professional for the company to lay me off and re-hire me three times for what is essentially the same position.

HOWEVER, I am apparently not all that easy to get rid off, even when push comes to shove and so – once again – less than a week after my receiving and signing my pink slip, I was, once again, contacted by a representative from GLS – this time through internal e-mail and this time by our Marketing manager who had gotten my name through my soon to be ex-boss as he was looking for someone to do a bit of work on the company website. He was wondering if I in any way would be interested in doing said work and in contacting him to schedule a meeting.

Needless to say, I was more than interested in both doing the work and in scheduling a meeting with him, so I rang him up minutes after seeing the e-mail, at around 10 PM I later discovered, and we had us a bit of a talk about the project, my background and this and that (the weather may even have come up), we then scheduled a meeting at around 2 PM the next day and I went on my merry way working through the night.

The next morning I got up at the crack of noon, showered, shaved, ate, jumped on a bus and went on to meet up with my new friend, the marketing manager, who explained to me a bit about the project at hand and heard a bit about my background and my reasons for still hanging around in my old job despite having a Master’s degree in IT. He explained that the project involved moving the entire website from one CMS to another and reckoned that I’d be more than qualified for the job. We then laid out a preliminary project plan and talked a bit about mine and Tina’s forthcoming trip to Rock Am Ring which was also accounted for in the planning.. Awesome!

We ended up shaking hands and agreeing that he’d seek permission from his supervisors to hire me in for the project and I’d then hear from him as far as starting time, final plans, pay, etc was concerned.. I went home feeling pretty well and accomplished and all, thinking I was well on my way to earning myself temporary employment within the field of my studies and pretty much just frolicked through the day and the following night shift and eventually went to sleep pretty happy and excited about it all.

The next morning I was woken by a call from my new contact who, much to my surprise – and apparently his own as well – that the CEO of GLS Denmark A/S had requested a meeting with me to size me up before making any decisions regarding my employment.. “Umm.. Okay..” was my initial though, and probably my response as well, because I was honestly a little flabbergasted. But fine, so be it, I though, and of course I was more than up for a one on one meeting with such an important character. Since we were now on Friday morning and (Whit) Monday was a public holiday, the meeting was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, and I now had a long weekend of excitement, slight worries and wondering ahead of me.

The weekend was a long exciting ordeal fully worthy of it’s own post so we’ll skip that for now and move to Tuesday afternoon where I donned my best clothes – well okay, second best clothes, but my best clothes are covered in quail eggs. That too, is another story, packed up my university diplomas, resume, etc, jumped on a bus, set off, realized I’d gotten on the wrong bus, got off the bus and spend the extra emergency time I always account for walking the rest of the way to GLS headquarters. I checked in with the receptionist in due time only to be told that the CEO was still in a meeting and to make myself comfortable for a while. I did so by walking around, chatting with old colleagues as well as new ones who offered me a few extra chores for later that evening. I then, eventually was placed in the CEO’s office to wait on my own with a cup of coffee for his return.

A nicely dressed gentleman emerged after a few minutes, introducing himself as Karsten which I knew to be the name of our CEO. I introduced myself as Johan and apologized for making myself at home, explaining that they’d sorta just shoved me in here to wait. “Shoved you in here?!”, he bellowed and I cringed a little, starting once again on an apology, this time for my choice of words, until I realized that Karsten was laughing wholeheartedly at me.. A CEO with a sense of humor, I approve!

We spent the next twenty minutes or so talking about my background, my dreams, my areas of expertise and my desires. We spoke about my time with the company and a little about the task at hand and what I would like to eventually work with. By the time we got to talking about when my current employment ended and when he could have me on over on his side, I got the feeling that things were going quite well. By the time, Karsten clapped his hands together and said “Here’s what I suggest we do..” I knew things were going well.. What Karsten suggested we do was let me continue in my current position until May 31st, then send me off to Rock Am Ring, then start me in a new temporary position by the time I got back and had had a day to rest.. A proposition which left me thrilled because I finally had a chance to prove myself – to myself as well as to others – and to gain some valuable experience, I’m by no means certain that more will come from it, but it’s a great opportunity no matter how you look at it.. And really, from then on, I was just sorta floating in a bubble of joy all day.

I of course remembered to thank profusely for the opportunity and make a nice exit saying goodbye properly as well as floating by my old colleagues and relating the good news. I then went into the afternoon sun and started on my walk home, informing all the good people I know who deserved to know, starting of course with Tina and moving down the line from there..

It’s now Wednesday, the day after, and I still can’t quite comprehend it, but am still super stoked. Additionally, I was woken in the AM by a call confirming the arrangement and my starting date of June 9, as well as asking me to pop in for a quick meeting on June 8 to see my new desk and work space. This being the day following our return to Denmark on the evening of June 7, I was even assured that everyone present would be informed to respect and ignore any sign of spaciness or wear and tear.. Yay!

So, once again, apologies for not posting anymore updates lately, but a boy’s gotta do what a boy’s gotta do.. In this case, land a job 🙂


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