What the fudge happened here?

The regular and observant reader may have noticed that it’s been a while between updates on this blog and that the Rock Am Ring update took, in fact, a few weeks to finish.. I naturally apologize for this, it’s not usually my style.. But the thing is that real life caught up with me for a change.. In a really big way this time around..

To name but a few things that have happened, I started a work on a project for GLS, I finished working on the project, I was laid off, took a bit of vacation, I’ve even moved, sorta.. And I am now currently unemployed, trying to make that work out for me.. Which I thought would mean I’d have more than enough time to update this blog, but thanks to the delightful but distracting factor of a cute, blonde best friend chasing around my new place and part taking in all sorts of crazy activities with me on week nights.. Well, I haven’t exactly have much time for updating much of anything.. It’s a hard knock life this whole being unemployed business.. 😛

Anyways, yes, apologies aside, I’ll try to get you all back on track with the goings on of my life ASAP.. Promise! Stay tuned!


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