Rags to riches and back again, employment and unemployment

I reckon I mentioned that June was a pretty busy month for me.. Yup, pretty busy indeed. For starters, there was Rock Am Ring to kick the entire thing off. This little experience dragged an entire week out of my schedule for the month of June.. When I came back, I had almost a full 24 hours to rest, wind down and attempt to change my notoriously messed up sleeping habits before starting work on a major project for GLS Denmark A/S.

What project, you ask? Well, basically the GLS Group had acquired a brand new Content Management System (CMS) for their corporate website and my job was to pretty quickly get familiar with this system and then transfer their old Danish website in its entirety to this new system, as well as creating a localized version of a new English language version of the website.. But not only that. All of this, including training, testing and revisions had to be done in twelve working days.. Needless to say, it was a couple of exceedingly busy two weeks, but also a rewarding two weeks, filled with fun, challenges, freaky incidents and a nice whopping pay check by the end of the project period.. All in all it was good times and a much needed bit of practical experience that I’m very grateful for, but it was also a draining experience which goes to help explain why this blog has been pretty slow-moving for a further couple of weeks following my return from Rock Am Ring. I apologize to anyone who may have missed the regular updates (and to those I know have missed them on account of various comments made), but basically the last thing you want to do after spending eight hours working with web systems and typing in texts is, well, spend another few hours doing the very same thing for fun and leisure. Especially not if, like me, you’re also battling the change from working part time to working full time as well as the change from working nights to working days.. It was a rough couple of weeks and again I owe an apology to the nice people who had to put up with my changing moods, zombified states and the odd whining and bitching.. I’m sorry, guys, if you ever feel like giving it a try, if for no other reason then to see what I went through, I promise to be right there to support you through it as well! 😉

All the bitching and whining aside, I was actually starting to enjoy myself pretty well by the end of June. Working days was awesome, it was tough, but awesome, I got to be awake for the sunny hours and I had evenings to spend with friends, I was able to go out on Friday night if I wanted and I got rid of the inevitable blues which are so common to those of us who lack sun exposure owing to whacky sleeping schedules.. That and I was making great money not only from the last couple of pay checks for my night shift work, but also owing to a pretty sweet salary for my new day job.. So, it goes without saying that June 25th came as a somewhat rough blow to me as it marked the end of my project employment with GLS, the end of my day job, the end of my status as steadily employed and the beginning of my first stint as unemployed in the last six years..

It was a depressing day in many ways, not only was I leaving a company behind which I had been with for the past six years, I was also leaving a lot of friendly people behind,, most of whom I’d barely gotten to know, and I was leaving behind a job which really suited me in an organization where a surprising amount of people had taken a liking to me in a surprisingly short period of time.. In short, it sucked! I always knew the day would be coming but it didn’t make it much easier..

I don’t think I need to tell you that being unemployed isn’t much fun.. Okay, I take that back because I feel like I’m insulting Tina in a major way by putting it that way and I don’t want to owe her another lasagna dinner, but I’ll explain that in another post shortly.. Let’s just say that the change from being employed to being unemployed is no fun and all – on a psychological level. You go from having a set agenda and goal for your day to having nothing at all, except all the time in the world.. The result is some very slow-moving days in which you feel utterly unaccomplished, unproductive and just downright shitty and bored out of your fucking mind.. With not a fuck of a lot to do about it and not a whole lot of people to go to for comfort.. Not that I’m saying I don’t have utterly supportive and awesome friends, I do. It’s just that all of them are either employed and working their asses off or have been unemployed for extended periods of time. If you were to go to the former with your complaints, they’d more than likely (and arguably rightfully so) tell you to stop bitching with the reason that they themselves could well use some time off.. If you go to the latter.. Well, let’s be honest, someone who’s been unemployed for 6+ months would not in any way want to listen to someone who’s having trouble getting through his first few days in the field.. So I did what I figured was best which was to shut the fuck up and just take a few days off to get my bearings and gaining a footing in the life as an unemployed academic, and then trying to make the best of it..

Which, thanks to some lucky circumstances, awesome weather, a cute blonde and other wonderful people is actually what I have been doing since.. But that’s another post.


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