It’s a Hard-knock Life (this moving business)

As mentioned earlier, I thought I was gonna have a pretty hard time making time pass in my new status as unemployed. And indeed, for the first few days, it wasn’t the easiest task on earth, but I soldiered through and after a few hard days, I got into a strange kinda rhythm and the projects and activities started building up, so essentially – and contrary to what I’d expected – it’s not been too bad at all so far..

For starters, I’ve had the whole job hunting keeping me busy and there’s a fair amount of paper work and stuff to be done, seeking unemployment benefits and all.. It’s a mess, really, and it did take me a day or so to sort out.. Good times!

Another thing that has been keeping me busy is The Great Move of 2010! Yes, I’ve moved! And no, it was nowhere near the grueling task that the name I’ve chosen to give it might imply. Matter of factly, the name is only owing to my well-known ability to exaggerate things. In all honesty, it has pretty much been the easiest move ever. Beating even mine and Tina’s past moving experience – in terms of time and ease anyways, not in terms of awesomeness! Owing to the simple fact that everything is better with Tina, even blowing out tires and getting horribly lost in Central Europe.. But I digress, I probably should explain for those who still have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about..

So yes.. I’ve moved.. Barely! Which is to say I’ve switched apartments.. Barely! Okay, right, that doesn’t explain anything. What happened is that my house owner and landlord, Brian, has moved on to seek new job opportunities in the great city of Copenhagen and as such has gotten a new place there. Since our old house is still here and he still owns it but doesn’t live here anymore, he posed the rather easily answered question if I’d be interested in moving out of the basement and into his upstairs apartment. After thinking about it for a whopping gazillionth of a second, I delivered my written statement on the matter to Brian via SMS, a resounding “YES!” .. And that pretty much set the deal.

So on a sunny Thursday morning, at the bright hour of 6 AM, I bid my lovely old basement apartment adieu and set out on the long, hard few feet track to my new temporary home, the bright, well-lit, open and spacey apartment upstairs.. Which was left to me in a fully furnished state, I might add.. So basically all I had to do was to move my priceless spirits collection, my wines, my cooking gear and utensils as well as clothes, DVD’s, CD’s and the likes.. Oh it was a tough job, lasting all of two hours or so.. I was actually thinking about calling in Tina for help, arguing that since I helped her out last time, she should help me out now, but the little one was in a bit of a blue funk, so I decided to leave her to that and just call her over later for the fun parts – beers in the garden and post-moving dinner, that kinda stuff.

Having not at all worked up a sweat moving, I settled down on my new, lovely, over-sized wooden terrace for a bit of a siesta in the sun which I spent sipping ice water, eating a few snacks, reading books about rum and getting thirsty. I then called on the help of Dunkel who was in Kolding anyways for some music related stuff to help me move a few of the heavier less easily handled objects up from downstairs such as my TV and my new clothes, closet like deal compliments of Tina.

Dunkel (having arrived a few minutes before we’d agreed and thus caught me in the process of shaving) spent a few minutes rummaging through my new home before declaring that “I quite dig it” which is pretty much his way of calling awesomeness on something. He then waited for me to finish doing what I was doing without cutting myself and then helped me move the few objects that were simply too large or heavy for me to handle on my own. After about ten minutes, we wiped our foreheads and called doneness on the whole moving business after a full, oh, I don’t know.. Three hours of work on my behalf or something like that? Regardless of the time spent, it really was the quickest move ever and I now had all the time in the world to sit down and enjoy my new fully functional almost 100 m2 of space, my new living room, the dining room, the terrace and the large garden.. If not for the fact that Dunkel had concluded that I was boring myself to death being unemployed and that I needed to be kidnapped for a weekend of drunken fun and other stupid projects.. So rather than getting to enjoy my new place and sleep in a new bed that night, I set off with him to his place in Esbjerg where I spent three nights sleeping on the couch and three days lounging in the sun, grilling, drinking beer and having a good damn time. I didn’t return till Sunday where I did, in fact, get to spend time at the new place and sleep in the new bed.. And guess what, it was awesome! And I couldn’t wait to show Tina and all my other friends my new living conditions..


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