Goddamn right, it’s a beautiful day!

I hereby declare this the chill-out hit of the summer!

Eels – Mr E’s Beautiful Blues

Incidentally, research has shown that this song goes very well hand in hand with your favorite rum-based beverage.. hint, hint, wink, wink!


8 responses to “Goddamn right, it’s a beautiful day!

  1. Loooveees this song! Made my day 🙂

  2. Mine, too! 😀 It chased all the rainy blues away.. Heard yours was a pretty rough one, though, so glad to have been of help 🙂

  3. Thanks – did you notice how I’ve obviously gotten too used to write my feelings in a facebook kinda way. That’s just wrong.

  4. Haha.. You know what, up until now I actually didn’t notice the trailing s. But you’re right, sweetie, that is a little wrong 🙂

  5. Yeah… well, what can you do 🙂 Sooo, are you gonna have some birthday/house warming thing when I get back to DK?

  6. You know, I was thinking about just that.. What period of time are you here for? I’ll see if I can set something up with the rest of the gang. But whatever happens you and I at the very least need to set something up. It’s been forever since I cooked dinner for you and I have a Rosé you just HAVE to try 🙂

  7. Ummm sounds good! I’m leaving Bxl on the 30 July and will be leaving for the UK around 26 September. The only time I defo can’t do something is 7 August and then sometime in September I’m going to Cph for about a week.

  8. Oooh.. Plenty of time to hook up, then 🙂 Well, Tina and I have a one-on-one dinner date on the 7th anyways, so that’s fine 🙂 Got my family over on the next weekend, so I’ll check up with the others and try to set something official up for the last half of August.

    Aside from that, do keep in mind that you’re always welcome here, special occasion or not 🙂

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