It’s a Hard-knock Life (this yard work business)

So, part of suddenly having a large new apartment with a large garden to go along is that you suddenly have a lot more work to do around the house.. Including the garden which needs a lot of trimming and other things I basically have no idea about. More than likely, I have at least once over the years of blogging made some heated stand against yard work and explained that it really does nothing for me and that I don’t find it particularly interesting. This is, indeed true, but with the lucky circumstances at hand where I now have access and use of a large garden, I really have no choice but to get my nails dirty.. Or do I?

You’d think that owing to my position as the epitome of Rock N Roll and a quasi-famous Internet Superstar, I’d be able to figure something out which is not only easier than doing things myself, but also a hell of a lot more rock n roll! Well, fear not, loyal followers, I’ve found a way out of trouble.. And it’s a very rock n roll kinda way.. I’ve gone and gotten myself some help in the form of a personal assistant.. “Honestly, Johan, that’s not very Rock n Roll,” I hear you say? Well, did I mention she’s female, blonde, cute.. And best of all will work for food and drink? Oh right, I forgot to mention that.. But there you go!

Turns out Tina loves yard word and I love no to worry about yard work. On the other hand, I love pouring beer and cooking and Tina loves not having to worry about where the food and drink comes from.. It works out beautifully. Basically all I now have to do when I need something done, say have the lawn mowed, is grab a few cold ones from the fridge, sit down on the terrace and pour one up and have a few sips while watching my blonde, female friend finish mowing the lawn or whatever before joining me in the sun for a brew.. With no complaints whatsoever, but rather all smiles..? Huh? Awesome, I know! And yes, male readers, I know I’m living your dream right here.. Bastard? Me? I know! .. And the best thing about it all is I even have good company for dinner afterwards. So I get my job done without lifting a finger at the cost of an extra beer (I’d probably have drunk myself anyways, given the chance) and an extra serving of dinner (which I’d have cooked anyways, had I had Tina over on normal business).. Good times!

And no, I kid you not, look!

It’s a Hard-knock Life this yard work business.. But sometimes a Hard-knock life is obviously a pretty good life.


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