She’s mine and you can’t have her!

Having over the past days received a bunch of comments and requests over Facebook and various other media to share my new-found yard helper, I’ve prepared the following statement:

In response to the many comments and requests received lately, I regret to inform you that Tina has no intention of traveling anywhere in the vicinity of Kolding, or anywhere else in the world for that matter (including Canada), for the sake of performing yard work duties. This is owing to a combination of reasons, including but not limited to Tina’s unwillingness and inability to travel for the price of beer alone, and my possessiveness and unwillingness to share. I assure you that Tina is flattered by the attention and the recognition of her ability to look pretty while performing tedious tasks. But compliments and beer alone does not a satisfied Tina make, just as sharing his pretty yard help does not a happy Johan make. In short, thank you very much for your interest and comments, but she’s mine and you can’t have her!


One response to “She’s mine and you can’t have her!

  1. *falls over laughing* but but!!

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