Relax, it’s “research”!

I bet you’re all wondering what I’ve been up to lately.. And you know what? I can’t tell you! Well, I can, just not yet.. As I’m in my secretive corner. More specifically, I’m preparing a dinner for Tina and I this weekend, to sorta make up for all the missed opportunities and dinner dates during my run as a creature of the night working the graveyard shift.. And the thing about surprises is that they’re not nearly as fun if you spill the beans before-hand.. And as Tina is not only very curious but also kinda smart-like and calculating (contrary to what her hair color might imply), I find it best to just shut the fuck up about it for now. Rest assured, though, I’ll have numerous updates on the whole situation following the weekend. And they’ll more than likely be long as, well, in true Johan fashion, the whole project seems to have escalated a little out of proportions (and by a little, I mean a lot).

There’s been a shit ton of planning, calculations, inventing, trial and error, a few tears, one minor accident, and a lot of combining, sampling and tasting.. See, the good thing about planning a major menu is that basically anything you eat, drink or sample in the weeks before can be written off as “research” .. Having an extra serving of dessert? Fear not, it won’t fatten you up, it’s research! Popping open a bottle of Burgundy on an ordinary evening? Research! Having a premium rum tasting before noon on a Monday? RELAX! It’s RESEARCH! .. I’m doing it for the love of the art.. And out of love of rum, but it admittedly was a pretty good excuse.

Well, that being said, the research phase is now over and I’ve gone into die-hard preparation mode which, this time around, has proved a little more complicated than usual.. And by that I mean I’ve basically been preparing and cooking since Tuesday morning and wholeheartedly plan to continue doing so until late Saturday afternoon.. No, Sir (and/or Madam), perfection apparently doesn’t come easy, especially not with my knack for exaggeration. Hopefully, it will all be worth it, though, and even if I fail miserably, it’s been a shit-ton of fun.. In a quasi-ridiculous manner..

So stay tuned for the whole story, to be published some time after Saturday..


2 responses to “Relax, it’s “research”!

  1. Looking sooo much forward! 😀

  2. Glad to hear, babe 🙂 Me too 😀

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