Johan cooks dinner, Part 5: A few still images from the prep

After all the talk in the last four posts regarding Saturday night’s ten course dinner, here are a few simple still images from the prep work. Stay tuned for a full recollection of the dining experience tomorrow – and more pictures as well.

Wild strawberries in my garden, these made a fine garnish for one of my desserts

Making Ravioli of King Crab leg meat, spring onions, garlic, lime, chili and fish sauce. These were about as hard to make as they were pretty to look at.

Finished Ravioli.. These first four took forever!

Taking stock of the situation.. Err, that is making vegetable stock for my lobster bisque base.

Flaming lobster shells for lobster bisque.. I never get tired of flambeing things!

Lavender for my wild boar meat balls.. I picked these myself from my mom’s garden and dried them in a spare bedroom. I’d like to think they turned out rather pretty.

The stupidly expensive Wagyi kobe-stlye steaks on my homemade dry aging rack.. Which, rather surprisingly, actually worked!

Hand-crafted Peruvian white chocolate with licorice and lemon.. Pretty!

Wine, wine and another wine.. Good ones at that.


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