Johan cooks dinner, part 7: Intermission / Johan on Flame (with Rock N Roll)

Having gone through the first five dishes of our meal fit for kings and queens, it was time for a bit of intermission and playing around as I got the grill out and lighted it up. The whole grill thing was a bit of a spur of the moment kinda thing but since we couldn’t have been any luckier with the weather on the evening of our dinner, I decided to give the grill a try: Partly for fun and partly for show.

Well, the show part certainly worked. Tina was more than a little surprised when I suddenly declared I was gonna pull out the grill and giggling slightly chased after me with cameras as fast as her little feet (which were now again stiletto clad) could carry her over the treacherous wood work of the terrace. So thanks are in order for Tina who deserve photo credits for these next couple of pictures.

Wagyu steaks dry aged for a few days in the fridge, seasoned with salt and pepper, ready for the grill

The grill, laced with enough easily combustible material to create flames that would make a KISS pyro crew blush. Also, notice my handy little collection of hot chilies in the background

Lighting it up.. Careful now!

Accidentally lighting myself on fire.. again.. yeah.. great.. And no, I didn’t scorch my hair, too, it’s called emerging male pattern boldness.. It’s funny.. I get it.. Ha-ha..

It puts the steaks on the grill..

It twists and it turns them to create lovely grill marks.. It does so whenever it’s told (by the lovely assistant keeping time)

Still metal to the f’ing bone! \m/ .. Oh and steaks are done..


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