Good-looking blondes, you make the bloggin’ world go round

I’m not gonna lie to you, until not very long ago business was a bit slow here at Random Drunken Rants. Insofar as a free blog with no defined revenue plan and complete lack of advertisement can be considered a business.. Ahem, anyways, for a while there, readership slumped down to include pretty much only my loyal followers and my Facebook fans. All of whom I love very much, by the way.. But we weren’t really drawing in the usual lot of new people or random visitors – which for any website looking to expand, or even maintain, its user base is obviously not a very good thing.

But then something happened. Rather innocently and without any other intent than to share what was currently going on in my life, and in one instance have a bit of fun and take an inside joke a little further, I started posting a series of more or less related posts which shared one common denominator: They had pictures of a couple of blonde, female friends/fans in them. And, rather surprisingly (or come to think of it, maybe not so surprisingly), my number of visitors started growing exponentially with each of these new posts.. I kid you not!

I have not yet worked out a mathematical equation to explain the effect of cute blondes on my number of visitors, but here is a graphical representation of what I have so far decided to refer to simply as “The cute blonde factor.”

Taken directly from the daily unique visitors graph from my blog statistics.. Blondes = Fun^2 eh?

Ah but some of you nay-sayers out there might argue that this is simply a coincidence and that there is no such thing as the “cute blonde factor”. To that, I can simply say “bah!” – cute blondes a very real, and if there is nothing to my theory, then riddle me this, why are the most clicked links on my blog thumbnail pictures of Tina getting gold dusted and Pernille dressed up in heels and stockings? Huh? You’re all a bunch of very naughty little monkeys! 😀 .. Or perhaps just as easy as certain female friends of mine have often suggested 😉

And with that, I rest my case.. Oh and ladies, I thank you! For being my friends, for making the world a prettier place and for getting me my visitors back!


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