The joys of physical labor.. Wait, what?

You may have noticed that after a plethora of posts mainly concerning the best things in life namely food, alcohol, blondes and heavy metal, things have gotten a little quiet around here over the last days. The reason is as simple as it is shocking, I’ve been keeping busy doing physical labor.

“What? Johan, really? I thought you swore you were done with that kinda thing?” you say.. Yes, but stay with me, my story gets better.. And weirder!

The first slightly weird thing to happen concerning physical labor is that Emelie has moved into the house in a sort of spur of the moment kinda thing.. She called me up one day saying that she needed a place to crash for a while until she found her own, I replied “Hey, I sorta have this basement that I ‘m not using for anything”, I had a talk with my house owner.. and less than a week later, two days ago to be precise, Emelie arrived with about zero warning, three helpers (in the shape of Christian, Jeppe and Tina) and a huge load to move in.

We, and by we I mean mostly Tina and I, spent the evening struggling to get her stuff into my old downstairs apartment or at the very least dying (or severely hurting ourselves) trying.. It all went, well, sorta reasonably well, except for a small incident involving Emelie’s clothing closet which we struggled with for about an hour, trying to get it through the door.. We did manage, eventually, with some amount of success, though not in quite the manner we’d hoped to and not with quite the success rate we’d wished for.. But we did get it in the door..

After which we promptly got it out the door and into the junk pile.

So yeah, long story short, I now have a woman in the house which I hear is bad luck, or maybe that’s on a boat.. I don’t know, but either way, I do have a boat in the back yard, so I’m reasonably sure this can’t be all good – but a fun adventure it should be. We’ll see how it all works out.

The other piece of physical labor I got shanghaied into doing came about not 24 hours after we’d finished moving Emelie in and long before my share of the cuts and bruises that Tina and I received had had time to heal. It was offered to me by my friendly neighbor, Martin, who is doing a shit-ton of digging work for a new terrace. He, rather overwhelmed and in a slight state of despair, asked if I might be willing to help him out with a bit of work since he wasn’t making much progress on his own and since, naturally, his wife wasn’t of much help on the whole physical labor issue.

Merely thrilled by the prospect of having something to do and achieving a sense of fulfillment in my every day life, I gladly accepted his challenge, grabbed a shovel, jumped into my steel toe boots, jumped the fence and started digging away. For the next three hours, we removed grass, shifted dirt, dug holes, chopped at roots, cussed, swore and had a generally good f’ing time!

Yeah, I know, hard physical labor doesn’t really sound like much of a good time. But trust me, once you’ve been out of work for about two months and am constantly struggling to fill out your days with meaningful activities, doing a bit of work feels damn rewarding.. Not to mention you get to save on the gym membership (which I don’t have to begin with, but still), you get some social interaction with someone working within your field of studies and interests (which I hear is a good thing), and you get free sodas and water.. I love these helping out the neighbors things.. Even if I’m a total idiot when it comes to constructing anything.. I’m still pretty good at the whole doing as I’m told thing, so as long as expectations aren’t too great, I should be fine.. So I’m happy to report that insofar as both our bodies are up for the challenge, we go on this afternoon and tonight. . Yay for things to do and good neighborly camaraderie!


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