So don’t tell me I’ve nothing to do..

Yeah, that’s a line from an old Statler Brothers song, I think, but it popped to mind this morning.. See, my mother’s boyfriend was having trouble with a package he was getting delivered from Holland to his home address.. It was important to him, apparently, but not so important that he could zoom off and visit my mother who lives in another town and then shoot me an email detailing the situation and asking me to call up the courier and reroute the delivery to my mother’s address rather than his home address. (the courier turned out to be my old employers, actually.. Of all the package companies in the world, he had to pick mine.. Ahem.. Err..).

His reasoning for bestowing this task upon me isn’t entirely clear to me, but I’m willing to bet it was something along the lines of “Hey, I’ve got shit to do, Johan is unemployed, he can do it.. Umm.. Okay.. So I spent about an hour calling the courier numerous times, trying to sort out the situation to fuck all avail as the package had not even reached Denmark yet and had apparently been sent under a wrong tracking number or whatever the fuck the gist of it was.. So the only thing I got out of my effort was really a lot of wasted time and an angry rant from my mom’s boyfriend about the efficiency of express courier services..

A morning well spent, eh? But oh well, it’s not like I’ve anything to do, right? I’m unemployed.. Au contraire, mes amis (I probably mangled that, sorry Zascha and Caroline), These past days, I feel as if I’ve had a fuckload of things to do.. In just under a week I’d have to spend days preparing for a job interview, going through the interview, I’ve had three motivated job applications to write, some ground work to do and, through that, have just won the opportunity to put in yet another job application.. At the same time I’ve had to do a lot of sparring with Tina and help her out with preparing for an interview of her own plus try to relax a little on the side.. So, no, I’m fine, lay your strange little tasks on me, I’ve plenty of time.. Oh yeah, that was sarcasm in case you were wondering.

Okay, venting time is over.. Better now.. Point is, it’s been a long, hard f’ing week for me. I ‘d gotten behind on writing applications because I had to spend a lot of time preparing for an interview on Monday for a job I didn’t get.. Which was disappointing, but that’s how those things work out sometimes. The next days I had to spend catching up on applications while grumbling about the missed opportunity. It got a little ugly along the way to a point where I was even lashing out at Tina who had done nothing but trying to show me a little TLC by inviting me over for brunch on a day we were supposed to spend working together anyways.. But that’s just how I roll and luckily Tina knows that so instead of getting upset with my ungrateful behavior she just throws me an overbearing smile and then somehow the world seems brighter again.

Other than missed job opportunities and running behind on applications, I’ve spent a lot of time sparring with Tina and trying to get her ready for a few interviews on her own which is something I gladly do no matter how much I’m running behind because, well, it’s one of the most helpful things you can do for a close friend in this situation. For both Tina and I, one of the hardest part about the job hunting process is uncovering one’s strengths and weaknesses and as such t it’s good to have someone who knows you almost better than you know yourself to help pick out those things and present them to you in a helpful manner.. So, no matter how busy or stressful a schedule, there just has to be time for these things. And, after all, Tina in return helped calm me down and get my mind off things before my big interview, so it’s not like I didn’t owe her one.

What else? Oh right, besides job interview, the waiting for the reply, the three new applications and the helping of Tina, I spent today chasing around town, doing a bit of networking, speaking with old colleagues and employers in an effort to find new job leads.. It was a pseudo-awarding experience. On one hand, I found a lot of old colleagues who were happy to see me and offered up comfort, good advice and shared leads with companies in which they might see an opening for someone like me. On the other, I actually, after a bit of bouncing back and forth, received a pretty good lead and was allowed to talk (for all of 75 seconds or so) with a high-ranking executive who listened to my plea and asked me to mail him an application and a resume, a task that I’m now on.. But won’t be able to finish before tomorrow because Johan is knackered and not in a state to properly proof-read much of anything..

So there you go, this job hunting thing can actually be a full-time job, and more than that, if done properly.. Now to finish up tomorrow and then enjoy some much needed leisure time on the weekend where I plan to spend my Friday evening checking out a band that Pernille wants me to see on the agreement that I shouldn’t write them a fucking emo punk band (sorry sweetie! 😉 ) before I at least check them out and form my own opinion. Then spend my Saturday attending my niece’s 4th birthday.. And Sunday sleeping, more than likely.


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