The good Samaritan of Rock N Roll cooks cherry tomatoes

“I’ve got something for you to play around with,” Tina told me the other day, “can I come over tomorrow morning at 9 for about an hour?” – “Sure,” I said, for once ignoring the chance to make the obvious crazy, obscene comments. I was, after all, reasonably sure it meant she’d gotten some sort of food item for me to play around with and if you start messing about too much she’s gonna threaten to take it away or not give it to you.. And we couldn’t well have that now, could we?

So, at 9 AM the next morning (which, incidentally, was this morning), Tina shows up looking all pretty in purple and presents me with a three pound bag of cherry tomatoes.. Or so I thought at least. They were, apparently, according to our mutual friend, Malene, in fact bush tomatoes – a considerably different breed of tomatoes. Me, I don’t know, but I’m wise enough not to start arguing about fruit with the daughter of a garden center owner.. At any rate, they were tiny, little, wine-ripened, sweet tomatoes and there was a fuck-load of them. Well, three pounds really, but that’s still a lot of tomatoes.

“There you go,” she beamed at me. – “Wow thanks,” I replied, wondering just what to do with such an abundance of tomatoes, “you couldn’t have found a larger bag?” – “As a matter of fact I could,” she started, and went on some long rant about tomatoes which somehow also involved a bit of side tracking concerning blue berries and trailed off at around the time where I started checking out her outfit and thinking “is that a new blouse?” She eventually looked at me at the end of her rant, probably expecting me to say something, so I said the only thing I could to save the situation which was something along the lines of “That’s great baby, you look gorgeous, do you want coffee?” – which seemed to save the situation because who doesn’t like to be told they look good, and who doesn’t want coffee at 9 AM?

So we had coffee and chatted for about an hour, during which I got to present her with a few gifts as well, including a small chili plant almost identical to her first chili plant which she has sorely missed for like a year now and I had spent quite some time coming up with a substitute for – needless to say, she was ecstatic. Almost more ecstatic than she was about my real gift to congratulate her on her new job, a bottle of Champagne Comte Audoin de Dampierre which we agreed to split over a good dinner, and certainly more ecstatic than she was about my joke gift of a bunch of “fine” stuffed Belgian chocolates which she absolutely hate but I insist on giving her every now and then just for shit and giggles.

Tina had time to stay for about an hour before zooming on to her small home town of Vejen to take care of some chores. Since she was heading out that way, I also gave her the signed t-shirt from my concert experience on Friday to give to her cousin who lived out there, should she run into her. I then sent her off on her marry way and went to play with my new-found batch of cherry tomatoes.. Err.. Bush tomatoes. I’ve never actually had such a large amount of tomatoes on my hand without any specific purpose, so I had a bit of a fun time figuring out what to do with them. I ended up getting out a huge oven proof dish then cutting off a lot of fresh thyme sprigs and putting them in the bottom. I cut up about two pounds worth of tomatoes and put them on top, bashed a few cloves of garlic and sprinkled them over along with a heavy pinch of salt and some good olive oil also compliments of Tina. I then threw the dish in the oven at low heat and left it there while I went to work on job applications for a few hours.

Returning to the oven later, I evacuated the dish, poured the contents into a small pot and put some heat to it, I added a bit of vodka and let it reduce for a while. I then blended the whole thing and ended up with a nice roasted tomato sauce which I ate a bit of on some pasta while freezing the rest so I could use it for making TIna pizza in the future.. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back, you get the drift..

After my little cooking adventure, I returned to my computer to find an e-mail saying that Tina’s cousin was apparently now following me on Twitter. I’ve no idea at all how she caught up with me on there, but I clicked through to her profile and saw that her last tweet was a heart-felt thank you to both me, my two blonde sidekicks (Tina and Pernille) as well as The Dreams for the t-shirt surprise which meant a lot to me..

Aww, it would appear that my crazy little plan had worked and that I had managed to make a young The Dreams fan very, very happy indeed.. Which made me feel like a bit of a good samaritan of Rock N Roll coz. well, my silly little, slightly drunken idea ended up totally making the day of another rock n roller.. Now if only there was such a thing as rock n roll karma, I’d be set to be doing pretty well in the future.

So anyways, I shot the happy fan a reply telling her that she was welcome and I was glad we could make the day. I also got around to explaining to her why the damned thing smelled of perfume which seemed to, understandably, confuse her a little. Luckily, she didn’t seem to mind too much that I’d sacrificed my own shirt for the project, rather it just added to the fun and craziness of the whole experience. Thus, I – with a little help from my friends, as The Beatles would say – apparently managed to completely take aback a young rock fan today and put a huge smile on her face which, to me, is a day well spent.

I also managed to cook two pounds of tomatoes and eat another half pound, leaving another half pound for tomorrow. And I managed to help Emelie get her wireless internet working while at the same time surprising her with a bottle of really good Cava as a bit of a congratulations on her new job kinda thing.. So our internet troubleshooting experience turned into a bit of a surprise celebration as we shared the bottle at a pretty alarming pace over a good talk, a few laughs and a bit of Bruce Springsteen praising and Twilight saga bashing.. Good f’ing times! Which left both of us rather tipsy which is why I’m now gonna finish up this post and get my ass to bed.. Just another quiet Wednesday in rural Denmark


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