More on wine adventures, giggly girls and psychotic dogs

After a confusing night of much giggling, ample amounts of wine, some fine reading and a bit of a scolding, I awoke on Saturday morning at around 7 AM. I lay around for a little while not really wanting to get up, but eventually I did and dragged myself downstairs.

I said good morning to the psycho dog who after a night of growling and barking was almost too tired to even raise his head and acknowledge my presence. I threw myself on the couch and got back to the paperback copy of Black Like Me I’d snatched from Zascha’s bookshelf – an amazing book, really. After a while the dog got up, jumped down from the chair he was laying on and walked over to stare at me. I figured he wanted to go out, so I went up and opened the door at which point he walked over, stood in the door and stared at me some more. “Fuck this,” I thought and went back to the couch. At around 9 AM, Zascha emerged from the stairs, looking her usual chippers morning self which is a borderline miserable look you’d have to see to believe, even if she’s gotten better at handling the early AM over the years. We decided to get some breakfast and coffee which eventually got the dog worked up because apparently breakfast and coffee means he’ll soon be going for a walk and have breakfast himself.

So, as the rest of the house started to wake and struggled downstairs, Zascha and I bundled ourselves up and went to take the dog for a cozy, brisk morning walk around the area with the dog where we, amongst other things ate pears directly off pear trees (they fell right into our hands, I swear) and visited a peacock farm (granted, Zascha said they were pheasants, but what does a country girl know about birds?). We then returned home to check up on the girls who turned out to be surprisingly less chatty than the night before. Matter of fact they were both propped up on a bench in the kitchen, curled up around a laptop talking slowly and very softly to one another as if they were both sporting headaches or something. I couldn’t help but chuckle a little at Tina who in return shot me a miserable look, whimpered and begged me to please bring her a glass of lemonade. I obliged and got a cup of coffee for myself, then sat down and chatted with the others while we waited for everybody to wake up and for some of us to get rid of their hangovers so we could head back towards Kolding.

At around 11 AM, we piled into separate cars. Tina and mine into hers and Emelie and Zascha into Zascha’s parents’ car. We then headed back towards Kolding by highways and byways. Once back home, we found suitable parking spots and headed out for some predominantly girlish activities, i.e. shopping and café visits. We hooked up with Tine and I then had the pleasure of trying to keep track of four young women on a shopping spree which actually went pretty well. To celebrate, we went to a downtown café I’ll probably never learn to love, but what’s a boy to do.. And hey, at least the company was good. We ate, drank, I spat some food out again after realizing that someone had forgotten to wash the lettuce and vegetables in my burger, then took it upon me to help Zascha finish her ungodly large serving of salad.. But that’s just me, I’ll bitch and moan and still end up eating for two.. If I’m gonna pay for food, I want my money’s worth 😉

After our little lunch date, we parted ways. Tine took off to find her car and her way home, after a little while Zascha and Tina did the same, eventually Emelie and I staggered our way home to the house and went to our separate apartments and separate couches to rest after what was really just supposed to have been a nice, relaxing Friday night off.. Oh well..


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