Only in Sweden..

Okay, I have no real explanation for this – and even I think it’s kinda weird..

We all know the Grammys, right? That strange, orchestrated music event where the music industry tries to further push their darlings of the day by awarding them statuettes within such categories as artist of the year, video of the year, flute solo of the year and such things..

In Denmark, such awesome acts (right) as Medina, Nik & Jay and Rasmus Seebach walk off with a few dozen awards each every year. In America the same can be said for Eminem, Rhiana (sp?) and.. uhh.. the Dixie Chicks or some shit.

In Sweden.. Well.. Apparently in Sweden they do things a little fucking differently.. As evident by this poor quality video clip I just happened to find on Youtube which sees iconic Swedish death metal band Entombed performing alongside the Royal Swedish Ballet.. And.. Umm.. Yeah.. If you’re looking for further explanation, I’ve none to offer.. But apparently this is how they do things in Sweden..

Horns up, Sweden! \m/


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