There’s your hit single right there!

When I first heard this song off the new Stone Sour album, I was like “Umm.. These guys should probably go ahead and release this as their first single.. Anything else would be pretty stupid!” .. Well, apparently they went with Say You’ll Haunt Me, but apparently I’m not all stupid when it comes to music as they seem to have made this their choice for the second single off the album.. Anyways, here’s Hesitate by Stone Sour:

It’s probably gonna be hard to swallow for a lot of the die hard fans.. But it’ll probably do them good in the Billboard charts.. Me, I’m kinda undecided as to whether they’ve now completely sold out or not, but you can’t deny the fact that Corey Taylor makes some good power ballads..

Oh yeah, and I was gonna have some more updates for you, but you can thank yesterday’s day off and spontaneous liver abuse and resulting hangover today for that not happening.. More on that soon.


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