The joys of working from home and flexible hours

The observant reader will know that I’m in the middle of an internship at the moment, working with web-based communication and online marketing. As a matter of fact, I’m now one week into the whole ordeal and things are going pretty well.

To be honest, I had my doubts and reservations about the entire thing, working from home, no set schedule, picking things up and learning along the way. I’m not really sure why I had said reservations because, well, picking things up along the way and learning as I go is one of my favorite ways of doing things and pretty much my favorite way of working as well, so that’s all good. And working from home and managing my own time has once again proven a pretty successful experience.

There’s the obvious lack of colleagues to talk to, of course, but I’m the kinda person to get caught up in my work anyways, so I tend to not be of much use to my colleagues (in the social sense of the word) during the working day anyways. And I do have the odd SMS or web message to keep me company, so on that aspect I’ll survive as well.

As for the good aspects.. Well, I get to manage my own time, I can start my day when I want and end it when I want, somehow along the week, I just have to put in my 37 hours. What this means, basically, is that if need be, I can just roll out of the bed in the morning, put on a cup of coffee, walk to the living room and I’ll be in my office.. I don’t have to shower before work.. As a matter of fact, I’ve found it an enjoyable activity during my lunch break.. It’s really revitalizing, and has left me to conclude that more office cubicles should have showers.. Okay, maybe not. Anyways, yeah, it’s good times, I can grab breakfast while working, lunch, too, I can go for a walk if I need to clear my head and come back and pick up where I left.. It’s awesome! Also, earlier this week, when I was sick, I even managed to turn my bed into a makeshift office and still get some work done.. Just.. Please don’t anyone tell the boss, I didn’t wear pants for work on Monday.

Having flexible hours is probably one of the best parts of the job. I work for a guy who has a full time job on the side so it’s kinda nice to be able to take some time off during the day and do a bit of work around evening just to coordinate things with him.. And if I’m bored, I can go do some work, then use that as an excuse to take time off some other time. Of course Tina wasn’t too pleased with this arrangement by the time I decided to do a few hours of work on a Sunday.. Something about me damn well better taking some time off and taking good care of myself.. Of course, some 24 hours later, at noon on Monday, when Tina wasn’t feeling very well at all, there were no complaints that her friend had spent his Sunday afternoon working so that he just happened to have time to take an hour off on Monday to bring bring her honey for her tea, home grown chilies for her soup and a little dram of Jamaican rum to spice up her tea and her day even more.. In fact, at that particular time, Johan was considered a bit of a working class hero for having planned his working days in the way that he did.. See, everybody wins.. In particularly little blondes who had two rum toddies before 3 PM on a Monday..

What I’m trying to say is that life is pretty good right now, I’m enjoying the arrangement and I really feel like I have a purpose in my everyday life now that someone is dependent on my skills as an IT professional. It’s a really rewarding feeling.. There’s only really one strange thing about the whole arrangement.. Now that I’m working 8 hours a day and doing a couple of hours of active job hunting a day on the side.. I have heaps more energy than I did a few weeks ago when I basically had nothing to do..


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