The woes of working from home and flexible hours

Now that we’ve dwelled on the good aspects of working from home and having flexible hours, can we then talk a bit about the pitfalls and dangers of working from home and the flexibility it provides?

I know, I know, you wouldn’t really think there’d be many pitfalls and dangers to the wonderful scheme that I just detailed in my previous post.. But believe me, there is.. Like when your boss for no apparent reason choses to give you the day off on a random Friday.. Right, again, you wouldn’t think that would be a very bad thing.. And it isn’t necessarily.. But what if, on this particular day the stars aligned properly and your old drinking brother in arms, Dunkel, just happened to get the day off as well.. And what if said brother in arms decided to just show up in his car in your driveway at 11 AM on this particular Friday and quoth: “Right, you’re coming with me, time to get wasted!”

Well.. That would be right around the time where things might start to go towards the bad.. Over worse.. To downright pandemonium..

But, y’know, what’s a boy to do? Well, nothing really but to pack some clothes, a bit of Jägermeister, some rum and a couple of bucks.. So, me having done that and locked up the house, we jumped into the car, sped out of the drive way, put Machine Head’s f’ing awesome “Imperium” on the car stereo and started banging our way towards Dunkel’s home in Esbjerg, a little hour or so away.

We arrived in good shape save a couple of slightly strained necks (thank you, Machine Head!), piled in Dunkel’s front door, gave our love to his girlfriend, Marianne, grabbed a 12 pack from the fridge and made our way to the couch.. Apparently Marianne was receiving a home visit her doctor that afternoon, so Dunkel and I thought that the only reasonable thing to do with a medical professional in the house was to lock ourselves up in the living room, put on “Hot Tub Time Machine” and start pounding beers.. I’m not sure the medical professional quite agreed, but we tried our best to stay in our seats and not disturb things too much (there may have been some random cackling and singing along to Mötley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home”) and it’s certainly the most entertaining doctor’s visit I’ve been borderline involved in.

By the time Marianne finished up her doctor’s visit, she was nice enough bring us some more beers which came in handy as we were pretty much out by the end of the movie. And so we fell into a pretty steady habit of pounding beers and watching movies.. Which turned out to be a pretty bad plan as the next movie in line was the absolutely brilliant Walk Hard (aka the Dewey Cox Story) which, in our little world has turned into a bit of a drinking game of quite epic proportions.. Umm, so yeah, things suddenly got really sketchy and pretty cloudy..

So, I’m just gonna go ahead and say that the next thing that happened was that we cooked dinner.. Which is probably not entirely true, but it’s the last thing I remember happening, so it’s gonna have to do.. To this day I’m not entirely sure how we managed, but somehow we managed to make not only perfectly steamed rice but also chicken breasts grilled to perfection (a task involving cast iron pans, ovens and – strangely enough – not a single burn) and a homemade tomato-based sauce which, in our minds at least, tasted pretty damn well.. Marianne may not have agreed under normal conditions, but she had a cold and couldn’t taste anything, so umm.. Yeah, dinner was enjoyed by all.

After dinner, another movie was watched – don’t ask me which – all’s I know is it sucked and that there were shots and drinks which was good enough for me.. We then tried to watch some stand-up.. Well, some of us did but I vetoed it on account of stand-up being pretty boring and the fact that no one would be able to concentrate anyways.. So we took to just having more drinks and listening to music and talking and probably not making a hell of a lot of sense.. Yup, that was the only viable alternative I could come up with, but it seemed to please everybody.. And kept us going through the rest of the night. Or until around 0:20 AM anyways where Dunkel and I agreed that it had been a while since we’d been drinking since noon on a Friday and that it may be time to pass out.. Which I then guess we did.. Did I mention it was all a bit hazy?

Long story short, I awoke on the couch on Saturday morning feeling dazed, confused and not too well at all. I immediately started cursing Friday’s off to high heavens before I set off on spending the entire day in a post-drunken, hung over haze. I kicked back a beer or two just to keep me going and somehow managed to make it through both a walk with Dunkel’s dog, breakfast and the ride home that Dunkel was kind enough to offer me.. After which I crawled to the couch, curled up there and promised never again to let Dunkel know when I have a day off..

Flexible working hours, I love you, but sometimes you’re the devil!


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