It’s NOT taking advantage of your friend, it’s called pleasing your friend!

When we last left me, I’d arrived home from a spontaneous case of getting my drink on with Dunkel, I wasn’t feeling well at all and if I do remember correctly, I’d collapsed on the couch, feeling every so slightly sorry for myself..

So, I was just laying there on the couch last Saturday evening, still feeling slightly hung over and miserable after my run in with Dunkel and a few beers (or twenty), thinking about my dear little friend Tina and how I missed seeing the adorable little retard now that she’s busy with her new job as a hot teacher and all..

When, of course, my phone rings and who shows up on the visual caller ID but Tina’s smiling face (erm..) ? “Hi,” she kicks off the conversation, “how does a beer and a walk sound? I was thinking that we don’t get to see each other on week days on account of me being, well, dead tired and all.. So.. I was thinking.. I’m getting ready to go to a party, and well, I need someone to walk me and have a beer with me on the way.. Game?”

Cute blondes all prettied up, much needed exercise, free beer and laughs? The Johan abides! And so in a few short minutes.. Well, a few long minutes, actually, as I’d managed to lose track of where I’d put everything including my keys and iPod.. I was on my way out the door and down to Tina’s, listening to a bit of Mötley Crüe and Steel Panther on the way.

I arrived to find Tina in her bedroom, applying makeup, sipping beer and listening to Metallica like a good little girl. I grabbed myself a cold one from the fridge and did what I usually do in such situations which is to strike up conversation, keep her company, straighten out minor details and tell her when she looks and smells pretty enough to go out.. A peculiar kind of activity that we both seem to enjoy.

When the beers were downed and I’d give an affirmative answer to Tina’s question of “do I look like a hot teacher now?”, we put on our shoes –  well, that is I put on my shoes and Tina tried to put on her stilettos, then realized that the left stiletto does indeed go on the left foot, not the right one, then switched them and tried again –  grabbed another beer and then headed out the door and out on an evening walk through town to get Tina to the party she needed to go to..

A good time of a walk, really.. Some might say that dragging your friend off the couch and all the way through town for a beer and a walk constitutes taking advantage of said friend.. Tina even, in a brief spell of insanity, thought so.. Well, I chose to look at it as nursing our friendship.. And, really, if there’s any better cure for a hangover than cute girls, heavy metal, beers and a long brisk walk.. I’d like to hear it! Or, no, on the other hand, just leave me the cure I already had, it’s good enough for me! The only problem, really, was that it was over too soon.. After about a half hour walk, or in some cases a bit of staggering with those in heels hanging on to the arm of those not in heels, we arrived at Tina’s destination where I checked her out one last time, straightened out her hair (you’ve got to return them in the same condition that you got them, right?), gave her a hug and sent her off to party while I, myself, went home to take care of the last little bit of my hangover..

Taking advantage of your friend? Hardly! Pleasing your friend and showing him that you, too, want the best out of what little time together you can fit into your busy schedules? That’s a little more like it!


2 responses to “It’s NOT taking advantage of your friend, it’s called pleasing your friend!

  1. Thank you, thank you, I do try! 😀

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