“I’m not dead, at least not yet..”

Whoa, hey,  I bet you’re all wondering where the hell, I’ve been.. The answer to your question is a bit of a mix of here, there, everywhere and out cold. Work (i.e. internship) has been keeping me busy at all sorts of weird hours of the day and the week. As has my social life which is as important to me as ever now that I’m working myself so hard – a boy needs time to relax..

Also, I’ve spent my time applying for a whole bunch of jobs, being rejected for a whole bunch and getting (possibly) a few leads.. In other words, the search goes on.. Then, right as I got some time to wind down a bit, I just sorta crashed. For the past few days I’ve been feeling really, really weird and have struggled to just take care of my daily responsibilities.. It all seemed to culminate today where, after consulting my boss for advice, it was mutually decided that I should take the day off and get better. So, save a few hours of work this morning, well, it’s been a day of sorta zoning in and out, feeling discombobulated, eating chicken noodle soup and feeling miserable.. That and trying to coach Tina over the phone on how to slow roast a hunk of beef.. It seems to have done me good, and I really am feeling a lot better now by the end of the day..

I will, however, apologize in advance to the lovely ladies I have a date with tomorrow.. Loads of chili and garlic really was the only way for me to liven up and feel better.. I’m sorry..

I know that, once again, this has not been the longest update from Johan-land.. But my couch really needs me, guys. I have this weird feeling that I may actually have a little time off this weekend, so we might actually find time for a real, non-rushed update.


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