1000th Post: Keep On Bloggin’ in the Free World!

This is it, my friends. The big 1-0-0-0. The 1000th post! Whoever thought it was gonna get to this? I certainly didn’t! I’ve done a bit of math and apparently I started this blog 1643 days ago. As such I’ve made a post on average every two days for the past four and a half years.. How crazy is that?

And what’s even crazier, really, is that some of you have been following the show since day one. I mean, who on earth puts up with my rants and my bitching for almost five years straight? Others have caught on along the way, of course, but rest assured, you’re just as appreciated as the guys and gals who have kept up with me from the beginning.

For better and for worse, I’ve detailed my daily doings over the internet for going on five years now. I’ve shared thoughts and feelings, achievements and successes, failures and losses.. And somehow that’s interesting and fascinating to other people. Believe me when I say that this is both a strange and humbling experience, even soothing at times. I mean, how many people can honestly say that they have 30-50 people a day checking up and wanting to know what they’ve been up to? I’m guessing not a lot, but thanks to you guys, I’m one of those people.

Keeping this blog updated hasn’t always been easy, it does take time and time is something I don’t always have a lot of. It’s been hard to keep up at times and I’ve had some spans of prolonged silence, but I’ve always tried even though I haven’t always, to be honest, felt entirely up for it. Looking back, though, I’m glad I did. I’m the kinda guy that does get nostalgic every once in a while and these writings are a great tool for looking back and reflecting. For better or worse, these pages stand as a testament to everything that has gone on in my life for the past five years: the laughs, the frowns, the loves, the losses, the people that have come, and the people that have gone.. And the selected few who were here for the beginning and were mentioned in the first posts and continue to show up in posts to this day; the people that I am proud to call my best friends. I love you guys and I dedicate this entire work to you. I may be responsible for the writing on here, but you helped write it in so many other ways. This blog is as much about you as it is about me.

That being said, don’t get the strange idea that I don’t appreciate those of you who tag along for the ride and, for one reason or the other, have decided to read along – whether you be friends, acquaintances or complete strangers. You’re another huge source of inspiration for keeping this project going. I honestly can’t really for the life of my always understand why you’d find my writings interesting. As a matter of fact I was pretty flabbergasted the first time someone told me that I wrote in a humorous and captivating manner and they felt they knew me just through reading my blog. But I’m honestly very happy that you’re here and I sincerely appreciate your interest. You’re another main driving force behind this seemingly never-ending project. I’ve always enjoyed looking at my website stats to see who all was following along and now with the Facebook page up and running it’s actually possible to put a face on some of you.. How cool is that, and how diverse a bunch are you guys? I see a lot of cool dudes on the list from right here in my back yard to as far away as Africa.. And, ladies, I’ve no idea what I did to deserve such gorgeous, young female readers, but looking at my list of fans.. Or likers as I guess they’d be called now.. Well, you kinda help make me feel like the rock star I never turned out to be 😛

It’s a shame, really, that you’re all so scattered around the globe and can’t join me for the celebrations. Even so, I’ll raise my glass to you and say thanks for the ride so far, let’s see where this thing ends..

Cheers, guys.. In the British sense of the word, that is, which is to say both thank you.. and, well, cheers!


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