Where I Lay My Head Is Home.. Sorta!

Right, sorry guys, I know it’s been a while.. Again.. The reason is.. Again.. That real life has really caught up with me. Last week was insanely stressful for me and I barely managed to keep my head above water, so it’s not like I had a hell of a lot of time to do updates, but I did have a hell of a lot of time for everything else.. For starters, I finished my internship which was a pretty stressful ordeal in itself what with me having to work basically full time from Monday – Saturday, but I did end up leaving the project with a good gut feeling, so I suppose it was worth it.

Also I, of course, took care of the usual job hunting which becomes all the more stressful when done on top of a six day work week.. But, y’know, a (paid) full time job would be pretty nice, so I managed that as well.. On top of my third great feat of the week which turned out to be being sick and not sleeping properly. Not too sure what went wrong with me but I ended up going through an about week-long spell of nausea, headaches, general soreness, fatigue and that lovely feverish feeling we’ve all grown to love. Could’ve been a stress reaction, could’ve been the flu, could’ve been both, I don’t know, but a bitch it most certainly was.

“Wow, Johan, you’ve been pretty busy,” I hear you say..  But yeah, believe you me, mes amis, that’s not at all all there was to it.. No, I’ve gone and moved, too! And no, we haven’t sold the house, but the upstairs apartment which I had squatted – with my house owner’s permission – finally got rented out, so I’ve had to retreat backstairs to my old basement apartment, which has taken a few hours out of my day, starting last Sunday when Emelie moved out and continuing over the week when I moved all my stuff downstairs and, very nobly I might add, helped the new upstairs renter, Annette, move most of her stuff in. It wasn’t an easy feat, in fact it was pretty tough. It wasn’t always fun, in fact there was some tears and a fair amount of blood.. But we made the best of it, and somehow we pulled through.. And as a result, everybody are currently fucking knackered..

So, yeah, here it is, the first post from downstairs in about four months. I’m back below ground, and, well, meh.. I’m pretty sure you must all think it pretty much sucks to move out of a really big, open, lighted above ground apartment into your somewhat smaller, old basement dwelling.. But y’know what? It doesn’t.. Really..  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I had a pretty sweet deal and I loved the upstairs apartment, it was great when I had people over or dinner parties or whatever.. But at one point it all just got a little big for a wee, little single guy such as myself. Especially when the weather change and everybody got jobs, spending your days alone in that big, roomy place got a little, well, strange and lonesome.

On the other hand, rather surprisingly, as soon as I got back downstairs and started unloading all my stuff and making a home of the place again, things suddenly felt right and homely and safe and sound.. Maybe I secretly enjoy claustrophobia, maybe I’m even more of a creature of habit than I thought, maybe I never really got to feel at home upstairs because I didn’t know how long I’d stay, maybe I’m really slow to adapt to change and like to have things exactly they are.. I don’t know.. The fact is that I finally feel at home in my own home again amongst my own stuff, in my own living room, or in my own kitchen, or in my own bedroom. I don’t know.. It’s a bit of a confusing feeling, but a good one. I was fearing I’d feel weirded out and totally not comfortable once I got down here again.. But rather I feel safe and right at home.. Which is good. I’ll miss the dishwasher, though, doing dishes is not nearly as fun as I remembered it being, and I didn’t remember it as being much fun at all.. But oh well, you can’t have it all.

More updates from my new life in the basement to follow, I just wanted to let you all know I was safe and sound and enjoying my time best as I can under the new circumstances.


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