Of great, white Burgundy and beautiful women

Friday was a pretty special day. NOT because it was the date of the rather strange yearly re-occuring event “J-Day”; the extravagant nation-wide launch party for the traditional (and revolting) Danish X-mas brew.. No no, I’d like to think I’ve gotten too old for those kinds of shenanigans.

No, rather this Friday was a special day because I had decided to ditch these festivities in favor of something much better: A date with my two equally wonderful and gorgeous friends, Tina and Emelie over some home-made cheeseburgers and a few bottles of beer.. Aaaand, just to make sure that our, little, private celebration was above the competition, I’d decided to throw in a little surprise in the shape of this beauty

One of two bottles of 2008 Chateau de Jacques Clos des Loyse that I just happened to get my greedy little hands on in a previous post. It’s supposed to be an extreme value for money white Burgundy that I’m planning to serve for the starter for my 30th birthday dinner next spring.. And well, I needed to taste it.. And I needed to find an excuse.

And yes, I know, burgers and white Burgundy don’t mix.. Duh! And I could’ve easily found an excuse.. Duh! As a matter of fact, I was about ready to grab the whole bottle for myself, sample it over two days and not let anybody know, all in the name of research.. But for me, great white Burgundies and beautiful women just go hand in hand, and I mean that as much as a compliment to the wine as I do to my lovely little friends.. I suppose it has something to do with white Burgundies being all incredibly soft, captivating, appealing, nice-smelling and sensual.. and beautiful women being, well, much the same really.. And while I usually go for contrasts in my wine pairings, well, this is one place I’m willing to make an exception. Which is not to say I was willing to pair white Burgundy with burgers, but rather that I was willing to pair it with a few beautiful young women after we’d finished eating our burgers..

Which I thought was a pretty nice thing to do, indeed, and a great compliment to my lovely friends.. And it would have gone over really well and scored me a lot of cheap points, had I not tried to sell them the idea in person some three minutes after the arrived back from an hour-long kick boxing session.. There’s a lesson to be learned here, if you’re gonna tell girls that they’re pretty and special and deserve a little extra something – and want to maintain some credibility for the time to come, you should probably wait until they’ve slipped out of their gym clothes and have had a shower.. Just saying!

Anyways, the girls were absolutely thrilled with their little surprise and both lit up and promised that they’d hurry up and shower and that they WOULD be prettier by the time the bottle hit the table, which was something I couldn’t really complain about.

So while the girls got around to showering in a hurry (Or rather got around to running around, giggling, and NOT showering on account of doing what girls do best which is to stall and look at hair products until you yell at them lovingly to get a move on 😉 ) I got back to the real reason why I was even at Tina’s when the girls came back from their work out – making burgers!

And yes, loyal followers of this blog will know that I swore to all things holy a while back that I was absolutely done making home-made burgers a while ago on account of me always screwing up the result in more or less horrible ways. But the girls asked me very nicely to make burgers for them as a treat after their hard workout and girls can be reeeeally persuasive and these particular girls know me too well, so what’s a boy to do? He’s to make burgers of course! And so he did, in the best way he possibly could, while the girls showered, in the fastest way that girls can possibly shower.

For whatever reason, our timing was pretty impeccable, so when the girls finished giggling, prettying up and whatever, I presented this:

Which is a rather horribly lit picture of my creation:

A nice fatty, juicy patty seasoned with Sriracha hot sauce (my cocaine), Worcestershire sauce, onions, garlic, black pepper and smoked sea salt. Served on a whole grain (spelt?) bun and topped with Aioli, mixed baby greens, San Marzano tomatoes, a healthy slice of Cheddar from my local cheese store and some sauteed shallots and red onions with a dash of honey and balsamic vinegar.

For the sake of keeping things healthy (ahem!) this monstrosity of a burger was served with thick cut oven-roasted fries and even more Aioli for a little added artery clogging goodness.

I can’t take full credit for this creation as the girls supplied the buns, the lettuce and the tomatoes, but I did do my best in putting it together despite my apprehensions.

How it was? Well, it wasn’t the disaster I’d feared, but it wasn’t exactly the best burger ever made either. It was, well, something to work with.. Which is saying a lot considering I’d sworn never to make burgers again.. And everybody were full afterwards.. And the girls were very happy, so that’s good enough for me!

After dinner, and a bit of a food coma.. We cut my hair.. As you do.. Or, well, let’s just say I was in dire need of a haircut and that I’ve hired Emelie to be my hair dresser because she’s awesome enough to work for food and wine.. And for whatever reason, circumstances worked out in a way where Friday night was the only time we could find to get the haircut done.. So a Friday night haircut it was, accompanied by episodes of The Big Bang Theory.. Good times!

So in just one evening, I’d gained a tummy ache, lost a head of hair, had a few laughs and had some wonderful company.. And the best was still to come! In the shape of one of the best wine experience of my life.. Like seriously.. I was utterly skeptical that I’d be able to find a good, memorable bottle of white Burgundy at DKK 130. Decent, sure.. Good, perhaps.. Memorable, meh, I wasn’t sure.. But once the bottle had been hanging out at room temperature for about a half hour and the cork was lifted, I was in for a bit of a surprise!

The smell was the first thing to hit me as it pretty much jumped out of the bottle and hit me in the nose. It only got better as I started pouring it into glasses and was hit with whiff after whiff of oak and fruits. “This is gonna be good,” I predicted as I handed the girls their glasses and watched the smiles on their faces, obviously they agreed. Then we tasted, and well, what to say? More oak, fruitiness, acidity, minerals, deep flavors that lingered for minutes and left me sitting with a big happy smile on my face while Tina let out a few involuntary little giggles and Emelie just sat stunned with a blissful look on my face.. Great, memorable white Burgundy at DKK 130 a bottle? It’s apparently possible.. And I think we have found another wine for my 30th birthday.. Who’d have thunk?

The wine was savored over a few long, happy hours over even more episodes of The Big Bang Theory and left everybody relaxed and happy.. So relaxed and happy, actually, that I nearly fell asleep at least a couple of times before Emelie and I decided that it was probably time to get on our merry way and head on home. So being the gentleman that I was, I walked the lady home, then walked myself home trying not to collide with too many psychos making their way home from the X-mas beer launch party while also grabbing a bite to eat on the way. Or rather, grabbing a few hotdogs to go on the way and then consuming them once I got home, along with a pint of quality beer..

I may have missed the party and the hangovers, but instead I got good food, good company, good wine and good times. Not a bad trade if you ask me.. Not bad at all!


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