I has a job interview!

Okay, I kinda sorta promised myself I wouldn’t do this anymore.. Posting about potential openings and jobs I’m interviewing for, that is.. Not that I don’t want you guys to know what I’m up to.. No, it’s just that once you start talking far and wide about these things as well as posting it to the social web.. Well, you kinda get everybody’s hopes up and eventually everybody will wanna know how you did.. And in the case you didn’t do well, well everybody – out of their good hearts – want to know what went wrong and why you weren’t picked and this and that.. And while I truly appreciate all the comfort nice words and compassion that everybody want to offer.. Well, eventually you just wanna go “I don’t wanna talk about it anymore, I just want to move on..”

Why am I posting this, then, you may be compelled to ask.. Well, to explain partially why I’ve been so quiet lately and why I may be quiet, too, for a few days to come. See, as should be apparent by now, I’m very actively job hunting. On top of that I’m attending a job seeking course which is supposed to help you get better at hunting down potential openings, applying for them, writing a good resumé, doing well at interviews, the works.. It’s something that was initially forced upon me by the man.. I mean, the system.. But I’ve actually come to enjoy it, but it does take a good five hours out of my day. On top of this, now, I also have to prepare for an interview on Wednesday and they sent me a whole bunch of test cases to prepare for the interview.. So as you can probably imagine, my blogging time is limited right now.

I’m hoping, though, that all the hard work will be worth it.. Because, well, I really want this job.. Like, really. It’s an open position as Web Coordinator for a major regional hospital which basically means that I would be responsible for their web services, including intranet and website. And by responsible, I mean I’d be responsible for not only the daily operation, support and overseeing the work of content editors but also for future web strategies, new features, etc.. And did I mention we’re talking a 2500+ employee operation here.. I’m so stoked! They gave me this test case to work on and a few questions to ponder in that respect which I’m currently having one hell of a fun time doing – I’m so honored and humbled that a major operation would even want my input on such matters and I truly hope that I will make a good impression next week. This is a job I could really see myself doing, so all fingers crossed.

Also, while it may sound like a lot of work, I’m also really happy with the way they’re conducting the interview what with handing out a test case and all. It’s a chance for me to rise and shine and show off my abilities in a real life scenario. Not like other interviews where I’ve been judged solely on my academic skills and work experience and have, thus far, fallen short on the experience aspect on account of me having quite recently finished my Master’s degree and not having had any time to really prove myself in the “real world”. Hopefully this is a chance to be judged alongside everybody else, experience or not and I’m very much hoping that this will be the break I’ve waited for.

I shall keep you updated on my progress, as soon as I find some spare time in which to do so.. Till then any amounts of crossed fingers or other extremities would be very much appreciated.

Wow, I just realized I can write a lot of words very fast if need be! I hope most of them make sense as well!


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