Why can’t it be the uncommon cold?

I mean, it’s not like anybody really wants it.. There’s absolutely no reason for it being so abundant this time of year..

So, yeah, I’m sick.. And miserable.. And vaguely resemble a walking corpse.. When I’m even up and about, that is. I barely have the energy to attend my job seeking course and when I do my head is swimming, my nose is running and my lungs are constantly in danger of being coughed up.. When I’m not attending my course, well, then I’m basically sleeping or resting and trying to get better – or alternatively, sneezing, coughing or blowing my nose.. It’s horrible.. And me being male doesn’t help either, seeing as a sick male is pretty much the most pathetic, helpless creature on the face of the earth.. I want out! Somebody help me! Please!


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