Job hunting news: On the upside..

It’s time for another update from the wonderful world of unemployment and job hunting. Today, I want to share with you, dear reader, an email that I received earlier this week. Not that I usually make a habit of publicly sharing personal correspondence.. But not only is this one of the few positive things to happen to me this week and one of my only sources of happiness and good mood in said week.. It’s also only fair that I share..

See, I spent a few posts not too long ago blasting executives for not offering valid feedback on applications and interviews.. And right as I’m about done fuming over that, I receive the following feedback on an unsolicited application, putting my harsh words to shame and showing that there are indeed still some good men (and women, I’m sure) out there who take time and effort to offer valid, positive and constructive feedback – even on unsolicited applications..

And no, before anyone gets all wound up, I did noget get a job offering.. But I did get a rejection letter that, paradoxically, left me more happy than some of the requests for personal interviews I’ve received over the past few months.. Ahem.. Anyways:

“Hey Johan

Thank you for your application. You have a very exciting profile and I do like your very clean and relaxed way of presenting yourself.

I don’t mind telling you that yours is one of the best no-bullshit applications I’ve seen in a long while. And I’ve seen a lot! 🙂

I have no doubts that you are very competent and have many qualifications that would be of relevance to us. But as things are at the moment, we do not have enough chores within your field to warrant the creation of a new position.

I’ve taken the liberty of filing you under “relevant job seekers” and will get back to you, should things change.

I wish you good luck on your job hunt… You will succeed! :-)”

Eh? … Ehh?? 🙂 How awesome is that? Not only did he take the time to write a personal response, he also included several very hearty pats on the back and basically told me to keep doing what I’m doing – which means a lot to someone like me when it comes from someone like him (10+ years experience in the fields of marketing and communication). It wasn’t a job offer but it was a sure acknowledgement that I am doing things right and that I could have gotten an offer, had the job been there.. Which, from where I’m standing now, is a major victory in the uphill battle that is landing a relevant job.

Oh and speaking of victories.. Here’s another fun thing that happened but a few hours later that very day.. I got called in for a job interview at a local smallish web bureau. Under some pretty unusual, yet interesting circumstances. See, I was contacted some time last week on one of those job bank/resumé sites by the owner of said bureau who had seen my resumé and thought that I should apply for an open position he had as front-end developer. I glanced excitedly at the job posting and, rather sadly, found out that I didn’t quite fit the profile for the job and lacked many of the needed qualifications.. So I did what any young polite man would do and found the personal email address of the nice person who had contacted me and shot him an email.

I made sure to thank him for his message and his interest in my profile, I told him that sadly I lacked some qualifications he requested but otherwise would have applied. I also told him I’d had a look at his company’s website and taken an interest in it.. and that I, just in case, had attached a more current and detailed resumé in the hope that he might once find the need for someone like me within his business plans.. I figured it was the nice, polite thing to do and that maybe, just maybe he’d remember me some time.. And he did!

Four days later, an email landed in my inbox. It simply read something along the lines of “Hey Johan, I’d very much like to see you for a personal meeting. How does your schedule like next week?” – After I was done falling off my chair in shock and excitement, I wrote back that I didn’t exactly have any plans for next week and certainly not any that couldn’t be moved with short notice. – “Awesome,” he almost immediately shot back, “we’re in the process of moving, but I’ll contact you later this week and set something up!”

“WOOHOO!” was about all I could say, and it’s still about all I can say. I haven’t gotten a day yet and I don’t have any more info but I’m super stoked and hope to be hearing more one of these days. I don’t know what to expect, particularly seeing as I didn’t expect this at all, but I’m very, very excited and will, of course, keep you lot updated.. For now, I’ve shared all I know.. Except the fact that for the first time in a long while I’m genuinely positive about this whole job hunting process and seeing some light (i.,e. opportunities) at the end of the tunnel.. Yay!


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