Walking (slipping, sliding and crashing) in a Winter Wonderland

I have an amazing, understanding best friend! And I’m not saying that because she understands that my calling her a fuct up bitch is just another way of saying that I love her, or because that she knows that my flipping her off is really just a sign of affection.. And yeah, those things happen, I never claimed or relationship was very normal.. No, I’m saying that because time and time again she seems to be able to subconsciously sense that I’m not doing particularly well and am in need of a little special care or attention. Not sure if this is what you call female intuition, voodoo or thingamajig.. But it’s this wonderful thing she does, and she’s good at it and I’m grateful.

See, in job hunting (and in life in general, I suppose) there are good days and there are bad days, and then there’s the sorta days that you just don’t want any part of one way or another.. And while the general consensus, and my usual attitude, is that I have nothing much to complain about, I had one of my bad days this Monday. Or, well, that’s not quite correct.. I had one of those days that are so typical for me. A day during which I wake up and want no part of it all, get up and wallow in self pity for a good few hours, look out the window and cuss at the falling snow, get out and shovel some snow for an hour while cursing God and the high heavens, life on earth in general and pretty much everything in between.. And then, suddenly, usually around noon-ish, a guardian angel, usually in the shape of a little blonde, shows up and saves the day.

This time my redemption did indeed come right around noon in the shape of a rather simple text message: “Hi friend, whatcha doing?” – “Nothing much,” I texted back, “pretty much just feeling like shit and wallowing in self pity” – “This better not have to do with the snowfall,” she shot back, “or else Im not gonna go for a walk with you!” Well, to be honest, for once my bad spirits had nothing to do with the weather and the snow. This particular day I’d actually decided to just say fuck all and go play in the snow because, honestly, it felt like the least of my worries. So I was more than happy that Tina seemed to be up for joining me because, well, it’s pretty much been scientifically proven that I can’t stay upset around her.. And so I made sure to inform her that my low spirits had nothing to do with the weather and that I practically insisted that she join me.

And so, make a long story short, an hour or so later, two very wrapped up best friends emerged into the admittedly rather fascinatingly pretty Danish winterscape for what is actually a pretty unique occasion: Johan and Tina frolicking in the snow together. Why rare? Well, let’s just say that Johan is not the biggest fan of snow known to man, so getting me out in it while maintaining any trace of enthusiasm on my part is, shall we say, difficult at best – even for beautiful little girls with the world’s most charming smiles. But on this particular day Tina managed, possibly because I missed her company and didn’t want to risk to upset her, possibly because I was so upset about everything else that I didn’t bother being upset about the weather, possibly because she’d just told me off and given me a huge scolding for being a sourpuss.. We might never know.. Fact of the matter is she succeeded.

So there I was, walking in this winter wonderland with a pretty little chick on my side.. And obviously not being very used to the situation as I made it all of about three steps before sliding and losing my balance on one leg while skidding around and wobbling dangerously on the other. Not wanting to seem not on top of things, I quickly regained my composure and cool and tried to act like I was totally on top of things only to take one more step and start sliding around again, this time nearly falling on my ass only to have Tina grab hold of my arm and in – what was essentially a cuter move than it was a wise one – using all of her 50 little kilos to try and pull me back upright.. All while I did anything in my power to stop slipping because if I had (with all respect to my little friends new workout routine) I wouldn’t have been the only fool ending up on the ground. Luckily, though, I steadied myself and we managed to walk a full ten paces or so before people started sliding around again.

See, apparently snow falls and gets compacted and apparently eventually it turns into ice and new snow falls on top and you can’t really tell that there’s ice down there and it creates all sort of problems for friends just trying to take a walk.. Bah humbug! Anyways, after a few hundred meters and a lot of bumping into one of another, catching the other and hanging on to various extremities, we eventually worked out a way to traverse somewhat safely through the snow and ice and the potentially dangerous and near limb-fracturing incidents grew few and far between.

Actually, I ended up getting so enthusiastic about the whole thing that we walked for over 90 minutes, taking in the sights and sounds, chatting about everything and nothing, laying plans for future adventures, and making me feel all better about things and even forget about being upset.. I think at one point I even got a little carried away and admitted that the whole scene was indeed rather pretty.. But I mean, really, look at it:

There’s a lot of things to be said about snow, but it IS rather pretty when it first falls and you really don’t have anything to do or anywhere to get to so you won’t have to worry about it getting in the way or turning into mush and/or a nuisance.. I mean, don’t get me wrong, loyal readers, I am at this time (Tuesday evening) sick and tired of it again, but it sure was pretty yesterday afternoon and I thank Tina for dragging my sourpuss ass into it and holding my hand when I was about to fall, figuratively and physically.

We eventually made it safely back inside with no larger injuries than a slightly sprained ankle on my behalf which actually proved to pretty much heal itself during the last stretch of our walk.. I mean, it’s not like you need a cold pack for your ankle when it’s covered in snow.. And with that, it was time to get back to the chores of the day. Which for Tina meant hard work and for me meant getting back to being the unemployed, careless SOB that I was, showing his sympathy by whiling his day away on the couch, reading cookbooks while Tina slaved at the computer.. And doing such heroic and helpful acts as actually making her a cup of tea and suggesting she eat an almond when she complained about being hungry.. I mean, anything to pay my little sweetheart back for all she’d done for me that day.. That’s just how I roll!

Tina eventually got either fed up with her work or overcome by the vibes of laziness I was projecting and gave up her doings and joined me in goofing off, a fun game which partially involved getting dinner ready, partially planning other dinners and partially pointing and laughing at the ridiculous recipes and illustrations I found in one of her Jamie Oliver cookbooks.. We were eventually joined by Emelie who was an absolute wreck after her working day, so we set her up with a glass of wine, a thick blanket and my hoodie for a pillow and let her zone out for a while, while we shared another glass of wine and laughed some more at Jamie Oliver’s attempts.

Dinner time eventually arrived, as did Jeppe, and luckily those two things almost sorta kinda coincided, so we were able to enjoy a nice, belated Monday dinner the four of us, followed by a game, some mucking about and a few more glasses of wine.. As is apparently customary for a Monday night. Eventually, at around 9:30 PM, I started feeling the strain of having done fuck all all day and decided that it was about time to head home. Emelie agreed and so I walked her home, along with Jeppe and Tina who had decided to tag along for parts of the walk. We eventually all made our goodbyes at Emelie’s and I skidded and skated the rest of the way home, finding the whole experience much easier now that I had my winter bearings.


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