Worst.. Cover.. Ever! Don’t Stop Believing!

Huge controversy in social web land today! In which I was merely trying to post an awesome live version of one of the best power ballads ever written, and eventually many a tear was shed over a mean cross-posting of a video of some constructed teenage group blatantly mangling the soft rock classic..

Alright, I’m gonna make an assumption here.. We all love Journey? Right?

No? On the odd chance that one or two of you should go “Journey? Who?”, well, first of all, you should be ashamed of yourself, secondly, here’s a clip to refresh your memory – or knock some rock history into you.

Fine, now that we all love Journey, we can get back to my story which simply involved me merely trying to prove the point that I just made, by posting this clip of Journey’s classic “Don’t Stop Believing” to Facebook:

And since I can’t embed the content from Facebook on here, here’s the video link as well showing that the metalheads at UK’s Download festival were indeed going bonkers for Journey:

Of course it didn’t take long for people to start agreeing with me:

Neither did it take very long for my old British mate, Matt, to start stirring up trouble and spreading a bit of bile:

It should have stopped there, of course, but as could be expected, Matt (being a friend of mine and sharing a lot of personal traits with me) decided that he wasn’t about to suffer alone and be alone in hating the remake of “Don’t Stop Believing”, so he went on to share:

And again, because I love you, dear readers, the Youtube version:

Which was met with an initial response of:

And umm, yeah.. What can I say? Lars nails it.. Usually bad covers make me upset and angry, this one just makes me want to cry.. I mean, those poor little kids couldn’t sing to save their lives, not even with auto-tune and the countless of other vocal effects added to their little voices.. It’s just sad, despicable and wrong.. Eww! This is officially the worst song I’ve heard since the lovely Pernille attacked me with that rotten Johnny Rotten song one late summer evening many a month ago..

Actually, this may be worse..

For a minute there I nearly stopped believing.. Leave the classics alone, you damn young whippersnappers of today!


2 responses to “Worst.. Cover.. Ever! Don’t Stop Believing!

  1. Okay, først og fremmest så er Journey jo fantastiske, der må jeg gi dig ret. Men synes nu, du ranter lige lovlig meget uden rent faktisk at have styr på fakta… De dersens Glee sangere synger rent faktisk uden diverse vocal effects og er for de flestes vedkommende broadway sangere 😉

  2. Okay, jeg er glad for at vi i det mindste kan blive enige om det vigtigste, at vi alle elsker Journey 😀

    Når det så er sagt.. Hvad fanden ved du om musik, søde? 😉 Ikke at det ligger til mig at lade munden løbe af med mig uden at ane hvad jeg snakker om, men okay, fair nok.. Det kan godt være, at de for de flestes vedkommende er Broadway sangere, fred være med det, men det gør det så absolut ikke mindre blasfemisk.. Og netop den sang der er i hvert fald ikke helt effekt-fri.. Nåh! 🙂

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