Umm.. Has anyone seen the UK singles chart this week?

Since the answer to my question is probably going to be “Umm.. No? Why the hell would I’ve done that?” – let me go on to tell you that you should and implore you to check it out!

For starters, check out who debuted at no 3 this week:

That’s right.. Surfing Bird! In the original 1963 version by the Trashmen.. I’m sure those guys haven’t charted in a while.

As if that wasn’t enough, at #66, we have an even more interesting entry by a friend of a friend “Use my Asshole as a Kunt” by Kunt & The Gang.. Or “Use my ******* as a ****” by **** & the Gang, as the liberal media like to call it.

For completely unknown reasons, Biffy Clyro also re-entered the charts this week at no 8, and in the complete utterly unbelievable department a remake (if that’s even possible) of John Cage’s cheeky yet (silently) brilliant 4’33” jumped straight into the charts at no 21..

Shenanigans! What happened, you ask? I don’t know, I say.. Dunkel ventured the guess that “everybody in the UK knows that the bird is the word!”, I, on the other hand, will venture the guess that everybody in the UK collectively got a little fed up with the fact that the same commercial X-Factor/Idol shit dominates the charts each Christmas.. I don’t know, but whatever has been going on, it made for a great laugh earlier today.


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