And so this is Christmas..

.. and holy crap where the hell did that come from? I feel like it was just early November.. And now it’s Christmas Eve.. Well, it’s the day of Christmas Eve.. Err.. The 24th.. Christmas high noon? You get my drift..

As per usual, I’ve got a busy schedule ahead of me, and as per usual, I’m not really feeling the spirit yet.. But hey, there’s still time, right? I spent the day before Christmas, yesterday, with Tina and her mother, having lunch, catching up, trying to not get into too many fights and arguments with two strong women at once (and failing miserably most of the time).. It was really good times.. Times I’ve missed and times that made me happy and feel appreciated.

Having parted way with the lovely ladies, I spent the evening doing the last of my Xmas shopping followed by a very un-Xmass-y dinner and a beer while watching a bit of TV.. When I just happened to stumble upon what I wholeheartedly believe to be one of the best movies ever made: Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” .. Good friggin’ times!

Today I shall be doing some much needed cleaning up and some job hunting. This evening, I’ll be going to my mom’s for dinner which will hopefully be fun, and then tomorrow morning I’ll be zooming off to visit m dad and his family who are currently very under the weather with side effects of lower lobe pneumonia and complications from surgery.. Should be fun!

There’s a lot to be said about Xmas in Johan land, but it’s never boring and it’s never quite the same deal two years in a row. I just hope that this year I’ll get away without tonsillitis or other conditions requiring antibiotic treatment.

That being said, I wish all of you dear readers a very happy xmas and hope you’ll find comfort and joy doing the things that it is that you do with your families. I’ll see you all once the craziness is over and hope that I may then have the time and energy to post some longer, more interesting and personal updates. It’s on my list of new years resolutions, I swear!


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