Whoa, so I realize it’s been almost two weeks without a post which is bad even for my current standards.. I also realized I’ve neglected my presence on most social networks for extended periods of time.. And that people may have wondered what the hell has been going on. If the blog comments of the last few days were of the “Umm..? Johan..? You alive there..?” variety, then I thank you kindly.. And even if not, I still thank you because they made me aware that I’ve sorta been incognito for the past week or two..

Why, pray tell? Well, real life has a way of sneaking up on you as we all know.. And it snuck up on me.. So over the past few weeks, I’ve started an internship as marketing coordinator for a local arts cinema, I’ve struggled with a design proposal for a possible job offering, I’ve started setting up my first ever cinema event.. And, as of very recently, I’ve started preparing for the first job interview of the year. Add to that that I’ve had to find time for friends, get some sleep and have been under the weather for two days.. Well, I’ve not exactly been lazy, put it that way, what I have been is exceedingly busy and out and about. It’s been great in many ways but also draining.. But hey, I’d rather be overly busy with volunteer work and opportunities than be stuck brooding about having nothing to do.

Unfortunately, as you can see, the blog has suffered, but fear not.. I have a job interview on Thursday and after that, the last piece of our epic New Year’s Series shall be posted.. Along with some strange, tall tales of what I have all been up to over the last few weeks and what happens when you allow a Johan to roam free in a movie theater.

On another positive note (well, positive for me, maybe not for you readers), if you’re wondering why I can’t find time for updating at the moment while I could back in the day when I was going to school and working 2-3 jobs on the side.. Well, it has to do with the simple little fact that for the first time in ages, I have actually been getting the amount of sleep that I should every night – for extended periods of time!


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