One week to go!

.. Till I start my new job.. And boy am I all excited-like. I never was the most patient person in the world, and I probably never will be. But really, this is ridiculous. I’ve been unemployed for going on eight months now and I’m about ready for that particular situation to come to an end. No, wait, scratch that.. I was about ready for it to come to an end about six months ago.. As for now, I just WANT it to come to an end. Bah, why do other people have to decide when you can start working?

People keep telling me that I should relax and enjoy my last few days/weeks/whatever off, and really, I try to do so.. But truth be told, I’ve never really been very good at that sort of thing. I’ve always felt much more comfortable having a set purpose and goal in my every day life. I mean, other than the obvious purpose and goal of being the idiot often intoxicated and rambling crazy-ass metal head friend to a lot of fine people. I like having something specific to get up to every morning and what with eight months of unemployment under my belt, it’s getting really hard to come up with something every day – other than the odd cup of coffee or fried eggs breakfast, but even that gets old after a while, believe you me.

Okay, so, that being said. Unemployment does have it’s benefits. Sleeping in is one of them. It’s neither a very constructive nor a very competitive advantage, but it’s an advantage none the less and I’ll sorta miss it. Sleeping till 8 AM and grabbing breakfast at your own pace had a nice ring to it. I’ve spent these past few days trying to ween my body into getting up at 6 AM for work which is what I’ll be doing come next week.. And, umm, well, I’m getting there. For instance, I was up at 7 AM this morning, and probably more proud of it than I should have been, but give me a break here, I went from working nights to being unemployed, a 7 AM rise is an approximation of success given these circumstances, and I still have a week in which to learn to get up at 6.. Sigh!

Another advantage of unemployment is the freedom to plan and spend your time in pretty much whichever way you chose. But, still, with all the time in the world at your disposal, that one gets a little old after a while. I will miss some things, though, like being able to shop for groceries whenever I want, taking a long walk while listening to some music whenever I want, going wine shopping at 10 AM, devoting an entire day to some far out, ridiculous cooking project like 18 hour slow smoked BBQ pork, or just popping by for random off-time with Tina on an early Monday afternoon.. Y’know, those little things.. That sorta mean a lot still. So, that’s one thing I try to make room for this last week of unemployment, doing random things that still need doing preferably at odd hours. Like last week when I zoomed out and spent entirely too much money on clothes, shoes and glasses on a Tuesday afternoon with a little help from my beautiful blonde assistant. Or this weekend when I spent some 72 hours in a daze of meat-scent induced food coma as I broke in my new stock pot and made about six liters of beef stock, six liters of chicken stock, two liters of French onion soup, a huge pot of Chili Con Carne and some random curry dish.. Y’know, in a combined effort to stock up (no pun intended) for the remainder of the winter, satisfying various hungry hounds calling for French Onion Soup and just keep myself happy. Besides, it was best to get out of the way now. While my new colleagues are intrigued by my love for cooking, I don’t think they’ll be giving me random days off to go spend 8 hours on making stock any day soon.. So, best to be prepared.

Aside from cooking and doing various weird things at various weird hours – like taking a three hour hike in the snow yesterday on the odd chance that my dishes would’ve cleaned themselves by the time I got home, I’ve also spent a considerable amount of time getting ready for the new job situation. I’ve went and gotten me one of those monthly mass transit passes so I’m now ready to jump the bus every morning like a good, little boy. I have a new wardrobe courtesy of Tina and Tine, I also have (or rather, I will soon have) new glasses courtesy of the very same, which will actually help me not only look better but also actually see better.. Hello reading the writing on the wall from far away! And.. And.. Thanks to the lovely and talented Emelie, I now also have a nicely clean cut and well groomed head of hair, not the old mange I’d built up over the past three months in which we couldn’t find time for her to cut my hair. In short, I had better no only be ready for my first day of work, with three girls on the case of making me look good for the occasion, I’d better damn well look the part of an IT professional in about a week’s time from now.. Which I’m sure I will, my girls wouldn’t let me down.

So, despite all my bitching, I guess I have managed to get quite a few things done this past week. But I still feel kinda bummed that this, along with our now traditional and much cherished eat-togethers with the gang is pretty much all I’ve achieved over the course of the week. Unless you wanna know about all the National Geographic Channel shows I’ve watched, or the book on why we misinterpret the world I’ve borrowed from Emelie and am currently reading and not quite sure I like? No, I didn’t think so.. So let’s keep it for that now, shan’t we? And pray that I have something more interesting to relate soon, hmm? I think I might just have!

And with that, now all I’s got to do is figure out how the hell to spend the rest of this week. The weekend I have covered. I’ll be leaving for Nyborg to visit with my dad and his family and celebrate his birthday this weekend. Which will be fun. And I don’t think I’ll be home until Monday evening.. And I think by now we all know what will happen on Tuesday, so I’ll just keep quiet about that now shall I? Come to think of it, that’s only two days I need to sort out.. I should be okay, if all else fails, I’m sure there’ll be some sort of revolution in one Arabic country or another I can watch unfold..

Okay, that sounded kinda horrible, good on the Arab world, really!



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