On this Day, I See Clearly (So, that’s what the world is supposed to look like?)

I picked up my new glasses from the optician today and they’ve really helped put things into perspective.. Or focus, I should say. Literally. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, I was running around with a pair of glasses that weren’t so much correcting my vision as they were setting it askew. Which, in cases like mine, isn’t really something you pay attention to until you go and have a vision test done which shows you how bad things are and how good they could actually be.

And here I was thinking that small lettering being increasingly hard to read was just a sign of the times and one of those small albeit clear indications that I’ve entered my 4th decade of existence upon this earth. As it turns out it was more of a tell-tale sign that I should’ve visited an optician and had some corrections done. Oh well, at least now I know better, eh? And see a hell of a lot better and more clearly now that I have a brand new pair of glasses.. And not only that, I also feel better looking and a hell of a lot less old and worn than I did just an hour ago.. They’re like magical glasses! Or, at the very least, awesome glasses!

But I digress, and ramble, what I really wanted to say was just that, in the words of Alter Bridge: On this Day, I See Clearly!

Oh, and I also would like to say that I want to see this band live some day. I like their faster paced live style, even if the original, slower version of this song is awesome!


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