I survived my first day as IT Coordinator..

… And it was awesome! And I will have a LOT to say on the matter (alongside tall tales of how I learned to play the air banjo over the weekend and how statistics became fun)! That, honestly, is about all I can manage right now. I spent a lot of time in front of a computer monitor today and a long time getting to terms with a lot of concepts, a lot of ideas, visions and plans.. And a semi-long commute as well. Suffice to say, though, is that it was all good and that I’m looking forward to keeping you all updated as I come to terms with my situation, my new colleagues and my new job.. Right now it’d probably do me best to try and get some sleep and rest up a bit before my intensive one month crash course continues tomorrow..

Thank you, that is all, do check back tomorrow!


2 responses to “I survived my first day as IT Coordinator..

  1. So happy to hear that your first day went well! Let me know more about, right… Miss you guys a ton every day and am looking forward to seeing you soonish (that is for Em’s 30th) – wish it was sooner though, but I’m completely stressed out with essays, placement application (still haven’t got one), Spanish exams, dissertation proposal and tons of reading for class 😦 Please give the whole gang a big hug from me and tell them that I miss them. Love, Z

  2. Awww, I miss you tons, too, sweetheart.. After all we’ve been through, it just seemed kinda, I dunno, weird and sad that you weren’t around in person after such an important day in my life.. Oh well, I will try to keep you updated best as I can and look forward to seeing you in person and telling you all about it soonish. I’m sorry you’re so stressed out :-/ Do take time to wind down and take care of yourself however briefly every now and again. I’ll give the entire gang a big hug and save an even bigger one for you. Can’t wait to see you again, much love right back at you, baby! 🙂

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