Status @ the end of week 1

Oh hi there! Well, it’s Sunday afternoon, I’m at the end of my first week as an IT professional and I’ve come to a few rather surprising conclusions: One being that I love weekends again – now that I don’t have every day off, they suddenly sorta make sense. Another being that while I do loves me a good weekend now, I’m almost even more excited about going back to work on Monday.. Which is.. well, new, odd, shocking.. and great! I’m taking it as a clear indication that I’m loving what I’m doing and am looking forward to fulfilling my new job responsibilities best as I can.

My first week at work was great. My new colleagues are fun, crazy, warm and caring, and most importantly, they exhibit a great deal of sarcasm, humor and irony in their daily communication. Make no mistake, though, they’re professional, dedicated and talented at what they do and the expectations to deliver results are high on everybody within the organization. They just apply the general mindset that if you’re gonna do your best in everyday work situations, you might as well have fun doing it and be able to do it in a warm and friendly atmosphere. So, we joke around a lot and on any given day any number of playful caring insults might be shared or pranks may be played. Like Friday when I suddenly wound up with a journalist from California on the phone and while I stuttered my way through my first unprepared interview in years, my boss walked by smiling, going “Oh, right, I thought it’d be a LOT more fun if I didn’t warn you he’d be calling!” .. Right, thanks! Ridiculous anecdotes and stories are ripe as well, like when the boss halts all productivity by walking around the office parading the latest free sample product he’s received showing why engineers SHOULD NOT design user interfaces.. Or when my other male colleague tells tall tales about how he once tried to unsubscribe himself from the “mailing list” of his local tax office with references to laws about unsolicited marketing and how he never signed up to receive notices from them, or their services for that matter.. In short, I have a feeling I’m gonna fit in just well around here.

As regards my actual work, I’m starting to catch on to how things are done and how our systems are run. I’ve managed to create an overview of things and how everything (more or less) works together. It’s still complicated and details are still a little sketchy, but I’ve started taking an active role in things and it’s really helping me catch on quicker. I’ve gotten over the traditional initial fright where everything looks overly complicated and entirely impossible and have started to feel like I’m actually contributing rather than just slowing things down.. Which, in all honesty, is a great feeling as I’ve always been excited to be able to deliver measurable results and I feel kinda inadequate when I can’t, even if I’m not expected to in the beginning.

All in all, it has been a great first working week, full of impressions, challenges, new things, new people, new technologies and new work flows. It has given me a lot of my old energy and spark back, it has severely lightened my mood and made me a stronger, more positive human being. Make no mistake, though, I can still be my sarcastic, rambling, bitching old self and I will probably continue to launch tirades against the young whippersnappers of today and their shallow pop culture. Some things never change, don’t you worry.

So, how was the weekend, then? Well, up and down is probably a good way to put it. It started off really well, the sun was shining, I got off work a half hour earlier than usual, which, owing to a combination of complicated bus schedules and strange timing landed me back home in Kolding a full hour earlier than usual. I put the time to good use, though, and took a trip by my local wine guy to pick up a good glass of Italian red wine for the evening and to catch up and keep them updated about my new job as I had promised. I then went out and bought some great steaks, some salad and other goodies and went home to cook myself a great little dinner.. Then, as I sat down to eat, my mom called and informed me that my grandmother had apparently been hospitalized several times over the past week with a heart condition. Details were sketchy but apparently her heart capacity was down to 45% of normal which can’t really be good in any way. Owing to the fact that we don’t really communicate much in my family, my mother couldn’t tell me much more other than that they were working intensely on her and that they hope to figure out what is wrong with her, preferably sooner than later..

Well, needless to say, that certainly put a bit of a dampener on my great celebratory dinner, but after receiving a rather encouraging text message from my dear old grandma in which she seemed rather positive, I livened up a bit again and decided to make the best of the evening and save my worries for another day.. I poured myself another glass of wine (which I felt I deserved at the time, thank you very much!) and then remembered that speaking of hospitals, my dad had had surgery the day before on some prostate and bladder issues that the poor, old guy is struggling with. Nothing serious, no cancer involved or anything like that, the old ticker was just giving him trouble and so they thought it better to open him up and get things under control which is one of the reasons why I haven’t mentioned anything about this earlier.. Sorry.. Ahem, anyways, I thought that the right thing to do was to give my old man a call and see how he was doing..

And that’s where things really got warped because apparently the time I decided to call was the exact time where my dad was being rushed to hospital with uncontrollable bleeding and severe pain.. So all I got on the phone was a severely upset Birthe and a lot of static followed by a busy signal.. I didn’t think too much of it at the time as I didn’t get any real news about what had happened, so I just figured they were out and about and busy. So, I sent her a message saying sorry if I disturbed and that I’d ring back later.. After which I was called by my half-sister Mie who explained to me what was going on and not to worry and promised to keep me updated. Right, okay, my dad is pissing blood and in unbearable pain, I’ll just not worry for a while.. Errm, anyways, she hung up, I poured myself another glass of wine because now I fucking needed it, I talked to Tina for a while who said a lot of sweet comforting things and got my mind off things for a while and comforted me and all, suggesting that I drink my glass of wine and go to bed. Which I, of course did, but, as could be expected not with much success.. I eventually fell into an uneasy slumber around dawn after receiving a text message from Mie saying that things were under control and that my dad was being kept for observation.

I stayed in my slumber until late Saturday morning but did manage to catch the last morning hour of a beautiful spring day which was to be a lot better than the day before it. First and foremost, I was glad to hear that my dad was okay, albeit ever so slightly tired, sad and pissed off with the situation. I made myself a great cup of coffee and a killer breakfast to match, then went and emptied the mail which, rather surprisingly held three letters for me: a notice from the state that I was no longer eligible for unemployment benefits on account of being in a full time job (hooray!), a notice from a bank that GLS was no longer depositing money in my Pension Fund and that the investment would be returned to me to do with it whatever I wanted (hooray!), and last but not least, a notice from my Vacation Fund that GLS over the course of the year had deposited a lot of money in said fund and that I could now make a claim for them.. Something I’d completely forgotten about, but who am I to complain about extra money, especially now that I earn both a salary AND bonus during vacation in my new job.. Yay, free money!

To make matters better, I ended the morning by going to the computer and checking my personal taxes and realizing that I was once again eligible for a considerable tax refund.. So there I stood, staring at the screen, letters in one hand, realizing that in just one morning I had, totally unexpected, made almost the equivalent of a month’s salary.. Not bad for a total of half an hour’s worth of work opening and reading letters and online forms. In short, Saturday was a lot better than Friday, even if I was a little pissed off with myself for sleeping through most of the first spring morning which I had so eagerly anticipated.

Sunday was a reasonably good day as well. I got up earlier than on Saturday. Actually, I was up at around 5:55 AM owing to what I suspect was a drunken argument upstairs, but then fell asleep again and woke at 9 AM where I got up, showered, had breakfast, grabbed my iPod and set out into the sunny world, listening to 80’s metal and checking out the town. ’twas a nice walk, I got some sun on my face, listened to some good music, oh and my dad called so I got to tell him all about my new job and hear about his hardships and current condition.. Which he didn’t seem to enjoy very much, but I can’t say I blame him what with being locked up in the hospital with tubes in him and everything. But at least he sounded positive and happy with the fact that things were now being taken care of.. So that was comforting, and I returned home feeling rather positive and happy despite all the ups and downs of the weekend, now I just pray my grandma will be alright as well, but eh, she’s a tough lady, so she’ll be fine, right?

I’ve, very smartly, dedicated the rest of my Sunday to doing absolutely fuck all and have a great time doing so. Back to work tomorrow for week two of my adventure as IT Coordinator. Hey Ho, Let’s Go!


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