I’ve become a poster boy: Johan’s first headline appearance

I mentioned in my last post that my boss thought it pretty funny to have me interviewed by a journalist and not tell me anything about it in advance.. I did find the whole story rather odd, but honestly didn’t think much about it.. Well, that is until I received the Friday afternoon edition of the Computer Reseller News newsletter..

I click through the HTML e-mail.. And what do I see but my own damn mug used as an image for one of the headline stories? “… Really?,” I think and click through to the main story on the CRN website.. And surely enough, there I am.. As a poster child for my company’s increasing focus on web-based sales and marketing:

Really? Yes, apparently so.. I mean, I know my new boss said they have great expectations for me, but to spin a story out of my recent employment in a major industry news outlet.. Really? Wow!

Mom’s gonna be so proud! 😉


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