God Bless Saturday

It’s week three of my new working life adventure, it’s Saturday, it’s late afternoon, I’m sitting at the computer with a glass of young Italian red wine, I’m listening to a re-run of Sort Søndag, Danish radio’s weekly metal show and life on earth is good..

It’s so wonderful to be able to just kick back, put your feet up, relax (insofar as listening to extreme metal can be classified as relaxing) and feel like you’ve really earned the right to do fuck all for a few  hours.. I spent the first part of my Saturday cleaning, doing laundry and all those other things that you barely have time for when working 40 hours a week, I’ve also taken a good, long walk, listened to some music and done some cooking. Now I’ve got a huge ass pot of bolognese simmering on the stove and I’ve every intention of digging into it greedily in a short while, consuming as much as I possibly can along with some quality pasta and a small side salad  to at least give an illusion of being somewhat health conscious.. I might even throw in another glass of this fascinating red wine my wine pusher bestowed upon me, we shall see..

As far as work is concerned, I’m still about as stoked as can be. I can’t help but feel incredibly lucky to have ended up in the position that I am currently in.. It feels almost unreal at times. I’m steadily getting more and more tasks and responsibilities pushed upon me so I’m actually starting to feel like I make a difference and am getting convinced that I can handle things on my own, come April 1st.. It’s a pretty awesome feeling. I’ve also been on my own for a few days now as my mentor, Rikke, has been either working from home or having had to take care of a sick child, so I’ve had to fend for myself and take care of tasks and problems as they occurred. Slightly challenging at times since I’m still very green, but also fun and rewarding.

I’m still meeting a lot of new people, be it business partners, retailers, journalists, internet content providers or developers.. I also get calls every now and then from people who saw my mug in CRN and wants to either sell me something or collaborate with me on my online projects, it’s fun times.. I even spoke with a sales manager from Microsoft this Friday.. Yeah, apparently I’m rolling with the big guys now! It’s a fun new life, but also a confusing one at times. I’ve got a shitload of simultaneous projects going on that need attention in one way or the other, and as if that wasn’t enough to make my head spin, I sometimes have to drop everything I’m doing and respond to emergency support requests.. So I get to take my multitasking skills to almost woman-like levels and really exercise my ability to schedule and plan my projects. It’s good fun!

I’ve had some victories already in my new job. I’ve managed to really improve the structure of our website, I’ve started working on a blog-like article database subsection of our website along with a journalist who delivers the content, I’ve managed to find our prodigal developer and have nearly finished testing a new version of our web store solution which I hope to start rolling out to our retailers some time next week.. I feel reasonably proud of these accomplishments.

There have been mistakes, too, of course.. There’s bound to be.. There haven’t been many, but in true Johan fashion, the few ones have been of pretty epic proportions – like this one day where I noticed that the search feature on one of our retailer web stores had stopped working. I took measures to rebuild the search database index, and well, didn’t really realize how labor intensive such a task would be.. Well, long story short, I ended up overloading the database which is shared between all our retailer web shops and a few websites.. To be perfectly honest, overload it so bad that the server running all our websites stopped responding, so I went from trying to fix one website to taking 20+ websites off the grid for a few really stressful minutes as everything was restarted and brought back up.. Ahem, what can I say? I’m new, I have a lot to learn.. And you learn a lot from your mistakes.. So, yes, I learned a valuable lesson, I apologize, I shan’t be doing that again!

Victories and defeats aside, the most important thing to happen at work this week was probably that the name plaque for my door arrived. So my office is now officially my office.. Which was a bigger deal for me than I thought it would be, I can’t help but feel a little proud that my name is on the door.. Like.. Look at me.. I made it! Hah! Alright, yes, I’m a bit euphoric about this whole thing, I know, I’m sorry, I apologize.. I’ll stop now.. Not because I couldn’t go on, I could.. But, really, I think I’m already boring half of you.. And my bolognese is ready! Time to go boil some pasta and pig out!

Have a lovely weekend, you lovely people!


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