Welcome aboard!

“Maybe.. Just maybe.. If we’re all quite done showboating our very worst sides, maybe we should take some time to introduce ourselves from our good sides?” The words were that of my boss and they were uttered over breakfast at work earlier this week.. We don’t usually have breakfast at work.. It’s something that only happens, say, two or three times a week.. Okay, really, we don’t usually have breakfast at work, but we’ve been having a lot of meetings and such lately, so it’s been kinda happening a lot. It’s also something we apparently do when we welcome a new person to the extended CBC family. Which, apparently, is not something we do very often.. But as is the case with work breakfasts, it has apparently happened a little too frequently lately. Me being one case, and our new intern being the second.. And yes, in case you were wondering, internships isn’t really something we do much in this company, it just so happens that.. Well, you get the drift..

Ahem.. Well.. Fact of the matter is, we have a new intern! And she spent her first few minutes with the company, sitting in the corner, staring a little perplexed at the people who were to be her colleagues for the next three months who, in what is apparently pretty standard procedure, was going over the happenings in the weekend, current events and debating insanely irrelevant random facts.. Seemingly quite oblivious to her presence. In praxis, this meant that the women of the office were discussing their antics at our colleague Ingelise’s 50th birthday that Saturday while my 60 year old boss and I made snide comments and discussed the proportions and preparations of a decent mojito until I tore into a heated argument with my other male colleague Frandsen over whether or not it is humanly possible to burn more calories eating and digesting celery than you can absorb from consuming it. I made it through half of my argument of “this is probably not gonna shine a very nice light on me but I have actually read a thesis on the matter and I know for a fact you are wrong” when my boss noticed the perplexed face and uttered the words mentioned at the beginning of this post..

And so, we pulled ourselves together and gave a somewhat more sober and serious introduction of ourselves and the company which didn’t involve our drinking habits or opinions on eating celery.. Which, I’m pretty sure, must’ve seemed rather dull in comparison with the informal introduction.. But the event, as a whole, goes to pretty well showcase the working environment I’ve wound up in.. We’re dead serious and dedicated in the work that we do, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun and spew a lot of random bullshit  during the course of a working day.. I hope our lovely new intern, Heidi, will grow to understand and appreciate that.. At any rate, she doesn’t seem to have been scared off yet.. Which is good.

So, yup, that’s the kinda place I work it.. An honest, hard-working, crazy bunch.. And I love it! I think there’s a tendency in corporate life, even in Denmark, for things to get a little too serious and people getting a little too concerned with appearances and behavior. Like when I was still job hunting, caring souls such as Zascha (bless her) warned me in good intent (and rightfully so) to make sure that my name wasn’t too closely linked with a blog by the name of “Random Drunken Rants” and that my Facebook privacy settings were checked and up to date.. Because these days that’s something many employers look into when it comes to screening potential employees, and quite possibly being the editor of a blog entitled “Random Drunken Rants” might not be too good for business. I personally find that a little over the top because I don’t really think that what a person does in their free time (short of really dodgy things and immoral actions) should have too much of an effect on their professional life. I mean, we all get drunk and/or say and do stupid shit, most of the time resulting in some pretty funny situations, why deny and hide this simple fact? And why not share..? Anyways, what I’m getting to is that I honestly believe that with what I’ve heard from my new boss and taken into account some of the crazy things he’s shared, I don’t think he’d be too upset if he knew about this blog.. He might even be amused.. Thoroughly.. Which is good, because those are the kinda people I’d prefer to work with or work under..

In short, don’t expect this blog to suddenly turn into a well-moderated, clean language site entitled “Fluffy Furry Bunnies” just because I’m an IT professional now, and expect the drunken rants to continue insofar as this nearly 30 year old boy can still manage to get drunk and rant about it.


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