I’m dating who now? How? Where? .. Wait.. What?

Wow.. Time flies when you’re having fun.. Or working.. Or, as in my case, a combination of both.. Work has been throwing challenges at me at a feverish pace, and I’ve been doing my best to address those.. And have had a damn good time doing so.. And have had some pretty fun moments on the sideline as well.. For all intents and purposes I’ve been locked in a pretty fierce battle for position as alpha male of the office with my colleague Frandsen..

Only, umm, we’re geeks, so our battles aren’t really of the testosterone-laden pumped up macho man variety.. They’re more of the “who knows the most random, absolutely useless facts” and “who can do the most to annoy the other” varieties.. Which isn’t to say that they haven’t been heated battles.. Or have spawned controversy or laughs for that matter.. They’re just heated in a borderline retarded way.. For example, one entire lunch break was spent with the two of us taking turns naming random facts about the British Parliament. Everything from Guy Fawkes over more successful bombings of Parliament and heated debates over whether or not British law actually allows you to lose your life at the Houses of Parliament (I’m reasonably sure it doesn’t) was discussed, leaving us rather worn out and our colleagues as confused as could be and shaking their heads.. Great!

There have been more bitter wars waged, as well, like our flame war about Apple vs Nokia and dodgy use of Chinese contract manufacturers.. Which took place over internal mail, lasted an entire morning and, due to the open nature of our work mailboxes, caused a noticeable slump in productivity as people were regularly laughing their asses off at the newest developments in the case..

All kidding aside, though, I got a lot of work done and have been pretty busy at work these past weeks..

I’ve also been pretty busy with social life in my spare time off.. I’ve hung out with friends, gone to the movies, had beers and I apparently, rather unbeknownst to myself, have a new girlfriend now.. Her name is Sophie, she’s a real sweetie and, like me, she was totally oblivious to the fact that we are dating until I, and then subsequently her, was made aware of the fact by our fellow volunteers at the movie theater where I still spent some time..

Confused? Yeah, me too.. Okay, so here’s the gist of it.. As we all know, I went through an internship at an art cinema earlier this year. During my time there, I worked with a young lady called Sophie who I have sorta been keeping in contact with ever since. Earlier this week, she shot me a text asking if I’d be interested in catching a movie that Wednesday. I agreed, of course, so we met up on Wednesday, we hugged, had a beer, watched a movie, played Angry Birds, talked some and before I knew it, one of the volunteers pulled me aside and started telling me about how nice my girlfriend seemed..

Ooohkay, so slightly confused by the whole situation I texted Tina saying that I had once again managed to go less than a month with a new female acquaintance before being accused of being romantically involved with her (oh how great life would be if only I’d been involved with but half of the lovely young ladies I’ve been accused of fooling around with). Tina shot back with a comment along the lines of that “if this is what you do for fun, I can see how people get confused.. That’s really very much of a 1st to 3rd date thing to be doing.”

Completely disregarding the issue of entirely how many 3rd dates Tina and I must’ve then been on, I shot back with something along the lines of “Nono, it’s really not what you think, I just took her out for drinks the other night and now she said thanks and returned the favor by asking me to the movies…”, which is really about how far I got before I was rudely interrupted by a “Umm.. Sweetie, yea.. That’s dating for ya…” – Now that I think about it, I can sorta see how that comment didn’t help my situation much.

So, yes, I may or may not actually be dating a girl now, only I’m entirely oblivious to the situation, as is she.. While everybody else seems to be of the impression that they know everything about what is going on and what will happen next.. Geeze, if this is how this love thing works, I don’t blame people for getting all confused and messed up about it.. I mean, if 100% of the people involved have no clue about the situation, I can see why things go wrong most of the time..

I’m kidding, of course, I don’t think neither Sohie nor myself thought much of the situation and the signals it broadcast, but now that I think of it I sorta can see how it would be a little confusing for some people.. But really, that’s the way I roll, isn’t it? At the very least, there really is something strangely familiar about this whole situation..


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