Five Years of Drunken Rants!

Yes, boys and girls.. Five years, indeed! That, to the date, is exactly how long we’ve kept this crazy little side project of mine going! For half of a fucking decade I’ve kept you supplied with silly accounts, great laughs on my behalf, useless info, geeky info about cuisine that probably no one but me really appreciated, music videos and more or less extreme and/or sarcastic views on the world in general.

Granted, these past few months haven’t been the busiest of the 60 months total we’ve kept this silly blog alive.. But we can aim to change that, can’t we? Shouldn’t we? Yes, I rather think we should.. As said oft times before, settling into a new job isn’t always easy, especially not if settling into a 40 hours (or more) a week position.. But I’ve got a strange kind of feeling I’ll make it and I’m slowly but steadily feeling much of my excess energy, will and ranting abilities returning to me.. So what say you we give it another go?

Besides, I kinda have to carry on.. For totally different reasons.. For one, I’m both persistent, stubborn and not really one to give up and go home (not on Friday nights at Dunkel’s, not on the social web..).. And, I think I’m a proud member of a dying breed.. Are there really any personal bloggers left out there? I haven’t seen any in a while.. Have you? They’re out there, I’m sure, but a lot have quit.. And I’m not a quitter.. Just as any good captain always goes down with his ship, a good Johan also always stays behind to shut down the party and cling on until he feels tragically unhip.. And I’m a real good sport at feeling unhip!

Errrm.. Anyways.. What I’m trying to say is don’t discount the Johan! I may have been in hibernation mode over the last couple of months of winter, but now spring is here and it just might be time to rise and shine and start spewing random weirdness, strange opinions and/or profanities!

Happy fifth birthday, !!


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