This girl makes Justin Bieber look like a Golden God!

So this is what it’s come down to.. Mine eyes have seen the newest teen sensation, and it wasn’t pretty! I know I’m not exactly helping things by giving her more views, but regardless of that I thought I’d share with you the currently most viewed video on Youtube.. With 110+ MILLION hits(!), this piece of work is, apparently, what the young kids of today look for when it comes to music..

Rebecca Black – Friday

Her name is Rebecca, she’s apparently 13 years old and her interest include Auto-Tune, fluffy pink things, and fame that comes easily..  And I thought we’d hit rock bottom with the likes of concept teen idol Justin Bieber? No, apparently not.. Apparently there is absolutely no limits as to what young people of today will accept as musical talent.. Sigh.. I miss the good old days of the 80’s..


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