It’s the end of the world as we know it (yet I feel strangely fine)

April 21, 2011.. Judgement Day.. That is if you subscribe to the Terminator lore version of the world timeline.. Which state that today is the day that the run-amok Artificial Intelligence computer system Skynet launches an all out nuclear attack on the human race, laying the world as we know it in ruins ..

Me? Umm.. I don’t know.. All’s I can say is that if today is Judgement Day, it’s a fine one at that! Today is the first (of three successive) public holidays I enjoy in my new job.. As a result, I’m sitting at my desk, listening to some good music (and sad news), eating a late breakfast, sipping a cup of quality morning coffee and watching the sun trying to break through the clouds.. Sigh, life ain’t such a bad thing after all..

It’s Easter holiday here in Denmark and while I don’t have many specific plans, I’ve vowed to make the best of it. I shall soon be heading off to spend the day (and evening) with the gang in some remote summer cottage somewhere around land’s end.. And then, who knows what tomorrow will bring.. Saturday and Sunday will most likely be spent carrying out secret experiments for a dinner I have planned with Tina come weekend. Monday, from what I understand, I shall be engaging in the usual Easter activity of feasting on innocent, little lambs with Malene and Tina which should be a barrel of laughs as well.

I’m really looking forward to it all, as I have been all (well half of the) week at work.. Speaking of work, I apparently have been one of about ten people dumb enough to actually spend the half week before Easter at work. At any rate, besides having a web developer to follow up on and shout at, I’ve had fuck all to do at work all week and have pretty much felt like an idiot for showing up most of the days.. But such are the ways of those of us who don’t have any vacation days to spend.. At least I haven’t been too over worked, particularly not yesterday which was the last day before the holidays: I had a total of ONE call which came in just five minutes before we shut the phone system down for the holidays, I may have gotten a single work-related e-mail from the outside world, standing in stark contrast to the usual 50 odd emails I usually receive.. Oh well, it’s not like I haven’t had enough to do over the last couple of weeks, so I suppose I’m entitled to a day of goofing off every once in a while..

As for today, come hell or high water or global nuclear holocaust, I shall make any effort to continue the goofing off best as I can! So c’mon guys, let’s make the best of it!


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