Cooking a 14 course dinner, part 2: The menu

Spring Gourmet dinner 2011: Eat local, goddamnit!

– Appetizers –

Fried potato crisp with smoked Salmon

Smoked white cheese, radishes and pickled cucumber gel

Glazed lobster tail, trout roe and aromatic sea water foam

Raw pickled leeks, blanched red onion slithers and creme fraiche

Layered Creme Ninon

Creme Ninon, lightly whipped cream,  Cava foam and crispy air cured ham

– Light dishes –

Steamed asparagus and Skagen Ham (artisan Danish air cured ham)

Poached quail egg yolks and home-made mayonnaise with vinegar, tarragon, wild garlic and seaweed

Hot-smoked peppered salmon with new potatoes

Champagne Beurre Blanc, asparagus, cress and butter

Slow roasted breast of chicken

Julienne spring vegetables and chicken consommé

Cava granité

– Warm main courses –

Pheasant in two ways: thigh and breast

Celeriac confit, baked shallots and reduced pheasant stock

Pork ribs braised in Danish vintage stout

Smoked, hay-baked celeriac and brussel sprouts sautéed in bacon fat

Tenderloin of venison on a bed of wilted spinach

Pommes Fondant, sautéed shallots, roasting juices and blackberry gastrique

Parfait of cage-aged Danish cheese

Served with ”sparkling cheese”

– Desserts –

Frozen apple-air

With a hint of fermented blackcurrant juice

Skyr (Icelandic  cultured fresh cheese) with beet root syrup

Flower honey, honey-roasted wheat kernels and dried berries

Chocolate stout ice cream

Caramelized pears and beer syrup


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